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With the holiday season approaching, it’s time to plan your company’s Christmas party.  In order to make it a party everyone will enjoy, you must consider several important decisions:  how much to spend per person; whether to hold the party in the office, a restaurant or other venue; and whether or not to allow your coworkers to bring family members.


christmas party 1


The main purpose of the Christmas party is to let off some steam at the end of a long year where everyone has worked very hard.  Thus, it is important to recognize certain people for their achievements with awards.  Why not hold a raffle or hand out prizes?  This kind of moment requires you to draw people’s attention away from their conversations, and the best way to do so is with a projector.


With these suggestions in mind, here are a few tips on how to host a company Christmas party with recommendations on the best projectors for a party atmosphere:


  1. Make a Budget


According to data collected by outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas Incorporated, 65 percent of companies surveyed in the U.S. planned to host a holiday party in 2018.  Of these, nearly 25 percent had plans to increase their party budgets compared to years prior.


How much should you spend on a Christmas party?  A good rule of thumb is to budget $75 per person.


christmas party 5



  1. Set a Date


This step will need to work with the venue you select (see next tip).  Keep in mind that a party at the end of the week signals to the staff that it will be more relaxed with plenty of alcoholic drinks.  Many companies are moving their parties to Monday or Tuesday nights to counteract that perception.


christmas party 2



  1. Book a Venue


The end of the year is a busy time for many venues as they will be booked for parties, weddings, dances, etc.  Book the venue as soon as possible and have a few open dates in mind.


christmas party 3



  1. Select a Menu and Bar Plan


This is where you can let your coworkers know that they are appreciated:  food and drink.  An overly elaborate menu and open bar may blow your budget, but it will pay dividends when it comes to overall job satisfaction.


christmas party 6



  1. Plan Activities


Use your projector to display staff photographs taken that year, to hold a raffle or to give out awards.  Making it an interactive experience is a good idea.


Top Banquet Room Projectors:


ViewSonic LS830


This ViewSonic model’s 4,500 lumens make it bright enough no matter where it is:  medium to large rooms, sports bars, and any room with high levels of ambient light.  This is a short throw projector that only requires a distance of 31.4 inches from the screen to project a 16:9 image at a size of 150 inches.


christmas party 7


Optoma EH500

With 4,700 lumens, the Optoma EH500 is slightly brighter and less expensive than the ViewSonic LS 830.  The Optoma EH 500’s 1920×1080 resolution and Full HD 3D compatibility will surely get your coworkers’ attention.

christmas party 8BenQ MH750

The BenQ MH750 has 4,500 lumens of brightness, 1920×1080 resolution, a short throw distance, and other attractive features for less than $1,000.  This model incorporates Colorific technology, which allows the projector to display over a billion colors!

christmas party 9


Whatever you choose this holiday season, make sure you have a back-up plan to avoid any disappointment by getting replacement lamps from We offer the largest market in North America and have an unbeatable selection of high-quality replacement lamps at low, affordable prices. Shop with us today and save!

Best Projectors for Wedding Receptions

Whether being used to enhance a speech or for adding to the general atmosphere of the reception, it is increasingly common to see projectors at a wedding.  Some are used to display photos from the ceremony, while others may feature baby photos of the married couple or favorite photos of their relationship over the years.  Although the photos can be viewed by guests on a tablet or laptop, projecting them on a screen is far more impressive.




If you simply want to show a series of photos, you can get by with basic SVGA resolution. However, videos will require a more advanced projector. Your best option for video performance would be one with HD capabilities.  Also, any projector used for this kind of function will need to have a bright lens in order to display a clear picture.




(Remember to check with the venue to see if they have a projector you can use before buying one!)


Here are some of the top recommended projectors to use for wedding receptions:


Philips PicoPix PPX4010

If your projector set-up must be flexible to accommodate the venue, look no further than the Philips PicoPix PPX 4010.  It has a minimum throw distance of only 18 inches, weighs less than three ounces, and can project an image size of up to 120 inches.  This model is designed as a companion to a laptop and is designed to fit in your pocket.



BenQ TK800

Do you want to impress your in-laws without blowing your wedding budget on a projector?  Then this BenQ model is right for you!  It offers dazzling 4k resolution at a price far lower than other 4k projectors.  Another attractive feature of the TK800 is its 3,000 lumen rating, making it suitable for most venues.


Optoma UHD60

The Optoma UHD60 is perfect for viewing photographs with its rich, saturated color and impressive 1,000,000:1 contrast.  This is a 4K projector that provides 3,000 lumens and has the lowest audible noise rating among projectors of its kind.




If you have a portable projector or have one rented for a wedding reception but require a new lamp, has you covered! We offer an unbeatable selection of high-quality replacement lamps at low, affordable prices.  Shop with us today!

Best projectors for hosting a Gala or fundraising event

When hosting a large gala or fundraising event, the visual component is important no matter where the event is taking place. The guests should be entertained but also constantly reminded of why they are there. A fundraiser where the entertainment has been top notch but the call to actions have been few and far between may feel like a successful one, but quite literally won’t add up to much.


One of the best ways to prevent your gala event from running off track in this respect is to make sure that the guests are always having the right message and the call to action communicated to them clearly. More often than not, this involves using a projector. A good projector will act as a guide for your guests throughout the evening, showing key images, messages and information that they need to know.




But this will only work correctly if you have the right projector! Here are the best models to have for hosting a gala or fundraising event:

ViewSonic Pro8520HD


At a gala or fundraiser, the chances are that there will need to be a good amount of light used at any given time, especially if a large meal is being served as part of the event. But you will still need your projector to be operational and effective, so having the right level of brightness is key at these functions. This ViewSonic model packs a real punch in this area, with 5000 lumens’ worth of brightness to shine through even the busiest and brightest of galas with an excellent picture intact.


Epson BrightLink 536Wi


At 3400 lumens, this Epson model doesn’t offer the same brightness levels as the ViewSonic listed above, but it is still a powerful projector that will deliver good results in most conditions. It is a reasonably affordable model, but has excellent picture quality if you want to utilize photo slideshows at your gala, and can create a large image from a short distance as it is a short throw projector, which allows for greater flexibility when dealing with room layouts.


BenQ MH741


Another projector with very good picture quality and brightness, this BenQ model offers 4000 lumens, which should be enough to deal with whatever your event has to offer. It also comes with a great deal of flexibility for however you want to display your key fundraising information. It can deliver text and figures with perfect clarity so that guests can see how they can donate, but it is also built for showing high quality video, so if you have case studies which include the emotional side of the fundraising cause, this projector will give you the best of both worlds.



Whatever the cause you’re fundraising for, you’ll need to make sure your projector is working properly! MyProjectorLamps is the place to visit in order to check out a large inventory of replacement lamps. We offer the largest market in North America and have an unbeatable selection of high-quality replacement lamps at low, affordable prices. Shop with us today and save!


Best Projector Features for Showing a Slide Show at a Family Function

At large birthday parties and weddings, it always adds an extra personal touch to be able to display family photos on a greater scale. There’s always a lot of waiting around at these types of events, so a slideshow that has a good mixture of sweet and funny pictures, means that people will have something to help pass the time and spark off conversations with other friends or family members in attendance.


event projector 1

At a wedding, it’s also possible to display photos of the day itself at the reception, which can be particularly impressive if the official photographer offers it as part of their service and you are able to showcase some spectacular pictures in high quality on a supersized screen.




Here are some of the best features for projecting a slide show at a family function:


Brightness – The first thing you always need to think about with a projector is the brightness it offers in relation to the ambient light in the room you are using. If the projector isn’t bright enough, your photos will look washed-out and unimpressive, completely lacking the effect you are hoping to achieve. If you are using the slideshow as a side attraction during the function, you will be keeping the room quite bright, so you’ll need at least 5000 lumens of brightness to meet your requirements.

projector conference 1


Connectability – If you are intending to show wedding photos that have been taken the same day, you’ll need to make sure that the projector you are using can connect to whatever you have the photos stored on, whether it’s directly to a camera, laptop, MacBook or even a tablet.



Picture quality – Different projectors have different strengths and weaknesses, so you need to look for one that emphasizes photo quality over the ability to show videos, play games or display information and data. You may well find one that does more than one of these, but there’s no point splashing out for one that will make a popular movie look spectacular if it makes your childhood photos look dreadful.


Lamp life & a fan – You may well be using the projector all afternoon and evening if your slideshow is meant to be seen throughout the function, so you need a projector that won’t break down because the lamp has burnt out or the whole thing has overheated. Look for one with a long lamp life and a good – and hopefully not noisy – fan to keep things cool.


event projector 2


Whichever projector model you decide to use at a family function, you will eventually need to replace the lamp, so make sure you bookmark MyProjectorLamps! We offer the largest assortment in the country of high-quality replacement lamps at low, affordable prices. Shop with us today and save!



Top projector features for Outdoor concerts and Events

For concerts and live events, any visuals you want to show on or around the stage need to be enhanced at a much larger scale so that everyone in the crowd can see them. This is particularly important if it is a popular, high budget show in front of a larger audience. Visuals can play the crucial role of making people standing a long way from the stage feel like they’re still part of it and closer to the action.




When your goal is to get visuals at that kind of size, generally projection is the way to go, but using a projector at a large outdoor concert comes with its own challenges. You need to make sure you’re using the right kind of projector with the right features, otherwise you will end up with poor quality video that actually distracts from the main event.


concert 1


Here’s a look at the top projector features to have for showing video during an outdoor concert:


Brightness – This is absolutely essential. If you are wanting to show video during a concert outdoors, the weather won’t always be on your side. Most events will start in the daylight, for one thing. After the sun goes down, the projector needs to be bright enough to cope with many other lights surrounding the stage. Typically an outdoor concert projector needs to have around 20,000 lumens, which rules out most standard home projectors, of course.


concert 4


Portability – Even if the outdoor concert is a one-off, rather than a tour, you need your projector(s) to be easy to set up and take down and move around, often in a busy and chaotic environment. Not all projectors are built to be used in this way, many are intended to be placed in one location and never moved again, so you need to take this into consideration.


Durability – You’ll want to protect it from the weather, but it would also be a good idea to avoid buying a model that is known to be fragile, as it’ll be moved around a lot outdoors.



concert 3


Connectability – As well as being easy to move and set up, you need a projector that will hook up to many other inputs of various devices, particularly on a tour, where the set up and connections might be different at each location. So your projector needs to be flexible and adaptable.


When using a projector for outdoor concerts, you’ll also want to be sure to have spare and replacement lamps available. MyProjectorLamps offers the largest market for them, so whatever model you choose from, we can help you be prepared. Shop with us today and save!