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Best Projectors for Halloween!

Halloween is a fun time to get creative with outdoor decorations, get together with friends for a movie night, or tell spooky stories around a campfire.  If you want to frighten your neighbors with creepy lighting or impress your friends with something above and beyond your flat screen television, we recommend using one of the following projectors.







Many spooky films are in 3D, so it makes sense to choose a 3D projector like the Epson Home Cinema 2150.  This model has won high marks for its color accuracy and sense of three-dimensionality, as well as for its brightness and the way it handles contrast.  The projector will fill up a 120-inch screen at a distance of 12 to 19 feet.




If you are using a projector for the sole purpose of projecting creepy creatures on your garage door or using lighting effects near the entrance of your home in order to spook Trick or Treaters, the Optoma ML 750ST is one of your best options.  The throw distance for this projector can be as short as one and a half feet — ideal if you want to conceal the projector from pedestrians.  If you want to go big, this Optoma model can project an image of 16 feet, which should easily terrify Trick or Treaters at a distance.





Many of the horror classics, like the Halloween and Friday the 13th series, were made for the big screen to deliver big scares to packed audiences.  To honor that tradition, look no further than the JVC DLA-RS520 projector.  This model has won high marks for color accuracy and saturation, high contrast and black levels.  It features 4K Precision e-shift, which will allow you to project images with 4K resolution from an HD source.  The JVC DLA-RS520 can project an image size of over sixteen feet, ensuring that the only other thing you’ll need to make the experience feel more authentic is the popcorn.




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Best Projectors to Use for Hosting a Summer Birthday Party

At big birthday parties, having the ability to render beautiful family photos on a large scale can captivate people’s attention.  A slideshow that has a good mixture of sweet and funny pictures means that people will have something to help pass the time and spark off conversations with other friends or family members in attendance.


summer birthday 1


This summer, find a shady spot outdoors or a low-key room at your venue and set up a projector.

Here are some of the best projectors to use for a slide show or video montage at a summer birthday party:


Optoma EH515

If the projector isn’t bright enough, your photos will look washed-out and unimpressive, completely lacking the effect you are hoping to achieve.  The Optoma EH515 provides 5,500 lumens of brightness, making it capable of projecting in rooms with ambient light, which may be unavoidable if your birthday function is in a large room and the projector is only part of the festivities.



summer birthday 2

BenQ MH733

You will need to make sure that the projector can connect to the device your media is stored on, whether it’s a camera, laptop, MacBook or tablet.  The BenQ MH733, which is primarily intended for conference rooms, has many connectivity options:  VGA, USB, HDMI and more.  Other attractive benefits of this model include a brightness rating of 4,000 lumens and a price tag under one grand.


summer birthday 3Epson Home Cinema 1060

If you know that you will only need to project photos at the party, getting a 4K resolution projector is going overboard in terms of technology and price.  This Epson costs you less than $700 and provides 1920×1080 resolution, which will display your photos beautifully.  The brightness for this model is 3,100 lumens, so make sure you can control the ambient light in the room.


summer birthday 3



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Best Projectors to Use for Museum Exhibits This Summer

More and more often, museums and galleries are required to put on elaborate, headline grabbing displays to attract visitors. Projectors are frequently the solution, which means that more advanced models are generally needed.




It is crucial to find the right projector for the job.  A projector that works well in your living room might not necessarily be the right model to use in a museum, which has large spaces with lots of ambient light.


Museums are keeping up with projector technology to enhance artistic expression.  This June, the Japanese multimedia art collective teamLab will open the Digital Art Museum in Tokyo.  Using 470 projectors and 520 computers, teamLab created a 107,600 square foot exhibit called ‘Borderless,’ which comprises more than 50 interactive art pieces.  The artworks aren’t separated but blend into one another within the rooms and corridors where they are displayed.




In the spirit of enhancing art with cutting edge technology, here are some of the top projectors for museums and art exhibits:


Sony VPL-PHZ10

This Sony projector offers 5,000 lumens of brightness, which will provide great illumination in nearly any light conditions.  With up to 20,000 hours of continuous operation, this projector is suited for frequent use that is typical of museums exhibits.  With Sony’s proprietary BrightEra 3LCD projection technology, the VPL-PHZ10 delivers vibrant color and fine-detail resolution.



Panasonic PT-RZ870

Available in July 2018, the Panasonic PT-RZ870 projector is capable of maintenance-free operation for up to 20,000 hours thanks to air-tight and dust-resistant optical units and cooling systems, making it ideal for museums.  This projector blends crisp and vivid imagining with 8,500 lumens of brightness.



Christie D4K3560

Now here’s something that will make you react like the subject in Edvard Munch’s The Scream:  this Christie model’s brightness reaches 35,000 lumens!  This, along with its native 4k resolution, makes the Christie D4K3560 ideal for large applications, including museums.



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Top Projectors for Newly Released Movie Rentals


Do you think the latest movie rentals look good?  Well, they’re going to look great when you use your new projector!  Take a look at some of our favorite selections for your home theater, both in terms of new projectors and new flicks.




Optoma HD143X


This highly rated Optoma model is new for 2018, and it’s a great projector for the price (under $700).  With 2,350 lumens, it is bright enough for a well lit family room.  Plus, the Optoma HD143X has HD resolution and supports 3D viewing.


BenQ TK800

The BenQ TK800 offers dazzling 4k resolution at a price far lower than other 4k projectors.  Another attractive feature of the TK800 is its 3,000 lumen rating, making it suitable in most homes.  Another plus:  this BenQ model supports 3D viewing.





Black Panther:  In Wakanda, a technologically advanced African country, a superhero named Black Panther must face a dissident who wants to sell the country’s natural resources to fund an uprising.




Jumanji:  Welcome to the Jungle:  During detention, four teenagers find a mysterious video game from the ’90s.  When they try to play it, the teens are transformed into various video-game avatars and dropped into a virtual jungle world.




Peter Rabbit:  As stubborn and naughty as ever, Peter Rabbit causes chaos in the home and garden of an irritable human named Mr. McGregor.  Their conflict escalates when they both fall for a new neighbor who adores animals.




Death Wish:  Devastated after his wife is killed and his daughter is brutally attacked during a home invasion, Dr. Paul Kersey seeks revenge as a vigilante in this hard-boiled thriller.




Delirium:  This supernatural thriller focuses on a man who inherits a mansion from his late parents shortly after he is released from a mental institution.  However, he grows convinced that the house is haunted following a series of strange occurrences.





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Best Portable Projectors for Camping Trips

For some, camping trips are all about roughing it in the great outdoors.  But for those of us with young kids, the advantage of having a movie or TV show for them to watch when they get bored is invaluable.  Being able to watch a family film during the evening is just the kind of bonding that camping is intended to generate.




Tips on Setting Up a Portable Projector

-Wait until it is pitch dark to start watching for optimal viewing

-Use your tent as a screen (or bring a portable screen)

-External speakers are recommended

-Find some relevant accessories, like a tripod and a carrying case




The type of media player you will use to connect to the projector is also important.  You can try to stream a movie wirelessly, but your success will depend on whether or not you’re able to get a strong signal outdoors and if your campsite has a strong Wi-Fi signal.  Most projectors accommodate USB sticks, SD cards and HDMI connections, among others, so consider saving your movie on your phone, tablet or laptop instead.


Below are three recommended portable projectors to use for camping trips:


InFocus IN1146

This InFocus model has many connectivity options, including RCA, HDMI, USB drive and SD card.  And with the optional Wi-Fi adapter, you can connect with your smart phone.  The projector offers 640 lumens in its brightest mode, which is decent for a portable model.  However, there are no battery options, so you will have to connect the InFocus IN1146 to a power source.




This one-pound LG projector offers 130 lumens and a throw distance as short as 13 inches.  Unlike the InFocus projectors, this projector has an embedded battery with a two hour operating life.  The projector’s Bluetooth compatibility lets you share from enabled devices.




At less than one pound, the AAXA HD projector will fit in the palm of your hand.  Though the projector’s brightness is only 50 lumens, its 17-inch minimum throw distance will fit perfectly in a cozy tent.  This AAXA model has an embedded lithium-ion battery with a two hour life span.  However, the AAXA HD cannot connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices.



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