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Top Projector Models to Use for the Classroom

Finding ‘the best projector’ is always a subjective matter, as a projector that is perfect for home cinema isn’t necessarily great for viewing family photos. So the most important step you can take before deciding which projector is right for you is to know what you primarily want to use it for. Certainly if the projector is going to be used inside a classroom, that changes what the key features and functions will be.
For a start, cost is always more of a factor for projectors that are being bought within the education system, so we will focus on projectors that offer good results for good value. They don’t necessarily need to deliver full HD pictures because that’s rarely something that would be useful in a classroom in the same way that it would be at home.
A short-throw lens tends to be preferable as it enables the teacher to have control of the projector near the front of the classroom. The brightness is also something to consider, as most classrooms can be made dark enough for almost any projector to create a clear picture. Classroom projectors will also be used more often than ones at home, so finding a projector with a long lamp life will mean less frequent need for replacements.
Below are some recommendations for the best projectors you can purchase for the classroom:

Epson W29

A mid-range projector in terms of costs, this Epson model offers a lot of quality features that still make it excellent value, not least the WXGA resolution and 3LCD technology to deliver crisp and colorful presentations. It’s also got great connectivity options, allowing for up to four devices to display simultaneously with the teacher having moderation control. That alone makes it well worth spending slightly more than you’d expect for other school projectors with similar visual specs.
Epson W29

Casio EcoLite XJ-V1

This one comes with XGA resolution (ie, not widescreen) which may or may not be a problem depending on the display options in your classrooms. Many are still not able to take advantage of widescreen projectors anyway, so spending the extra money to get one isn’t worthwhile. The Casio EcoLite is a great low budget, low maintenance projector that delivers good brightness, is energy efficient and light enough to be moved around classrooms.

Viewsonic PJD6350

This is a model that offers slightly more advanced visuals, including being 3D Blu Ray ready if your school or college is wanting to take things to the next level. But most importantly, it also delivers great quality picture for presentations with excellent sound, long lamp life and weighs just 4.9 lbs so is very transportable, making it an all-round great choice for a classroom projector.
Viewsonic pjd6350
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VIEWSONIC PJD5555W Projector Review

Sometimes great things come in small packages, and the Viewsonic PJD5555W projector is no exception to that rule. It’s very much aimed at customers who are looking for a really solid projector that doesn’t cost a lot and delivers good quality picture and illumination.
If there’s a league table of projectors, the PJD5555W sits comfortably up near the top of the middle of the pack, lacking some of the finesse and features of the more expensive options, but it does come with surprising extras like the ability to project 3D content. That kind of touch makes it a really appealing mid-range projector.

Viewsonic PJD5555W: Pros


  • Affordability – For everything else that follows in this section, you’d expect to pay upwards of $600, but the PJD5555W comes in at less than that and still delivers good quality, so keep that in mind.


  • Size & Weight – Designed to be portable, the PJD5555W is suitably compact and weighs just 4.63 lbs, so you can easily move it around within a home or office. It doesn’t come with a carrying bag for longer journeys, but for that price (remember what we said above) that’s hardly a deal-breaker.


  • Brightness – The main selling-point for the PJD5555W is its brightness in relation to its cost, and it absolutely delivers on that point. At 3,300 lumens, it’s more than bright enough for a model of this size and is certainly brighter than many of the other projectors competing against it at this level. It also has an impressive lifespan for its lamps.


  • 3D – The PJD5555W is a DLP projector and can be used to project in 3D using the DLP-Link system, which is a huge advantage over some of its competitors and even some more expensive options. You’ll need to buy DLP-Link glasses to view it, but that’s still a small price to pay if you’re after a more immersive experience.


  • Sound & Picture – We’ll mention picture again in the Cons section, but the important thing to point out here is that the picture quality is fine. It’s not crystal clear, but in most normal circumstances, this projector will do you just fine. Its speakers are not spectacular, but they will do the trick in most circumstances.


Viewsonic PJD5555W: Cons


  • Video Quality – Here’s where the low cost starts have an effect. You might be able to watch in 3D, but would you be using this projector for a top quality 3D movie and expect the same sharpness of a quality TV? Well, hopefully not, because while it’s acceptable, there are some rainbow features visible at times, and the color balance and brightness leave little to be desired.


  • Presentation Quality – It also falls down a little when compared to more expensive alternatives on how well it displays text and images when used for presentations. It’s not terrible, but there are sometimes minor resolution issues.



The PJD5555W is an excellent projector for the price you’ll pay for it. It’s light, portable and comes with most of the features you might need, including the option of 3D if you need it. It has good brightness levels, it’s easy to focus and has a decent image quality too. For an impressive all-round package at an excellent price, it’s hard to beat.
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Projectors for Bright Rooms

Can’t get that dark theater space you’ve been longing for? No fear. You can still have great movie and sports viewings in well-lit rooms. Whether for a home theater or public space such as an apartment clubhouse, church sanctuary or golf club lounge, there are many projectors that are made specifically for well-lit rooms. Conference rooms and classrooms may also be brightly lit which could cause some viewing problems.
bright room
Today’s projectors offer more diversity, clarity and picture sharpness. And if your room doesn’t allow for mounting or installing a projector, you can simply place the projector on a table or cart for viewing. Deciding not to mount the projector will also let you use it in multiple places. The same is true for the projector screen, it can be installed or you can opt for a portable one.
Often projectors used for larger spaces will suffice for brighter rooms. Or you can opt for a DLP or LCD projector. Some features to look for when shopping for a projector to be used for a well-lit room include:

  • Lens shift or adjustable lens for repositioning the image.


  • High lumens (preferably over 3000 for bright rooms).


  • HD capabilities for certain movies or sporting events.


  • LED or laser lighting technology for consistent brightness (preferred but not required).


  • 1080p resolution.

Several projectors that meet or exceed these expectations include:

  • The Home Cinema 1040 (for home use, very economical)


  • ViewSonic Pro 8600 or 8520HD (good for offices, conference or classrooms)


  • InFocus IN126STa (also economical)


  • Optoma HD141X (portable)


  • Pro Cinema 1985WU (for commercial use)

To enhance imaging, a special projector screen is also necessary. This should be a projector screen that absorbs light such as a black screen, one with front projection or ALR (Ambient Light Rejection) capabilities. All of these screens claim to improve image quality in brightly lit rooms.
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The Best Projectors for Summer Camps

Summer is just around the corner and many organizations have started preparation for hosting summer camps. As you plan activities, remember that today’s kids are very much intrigued by learning through technology. And although summer camp is usually more about outdoor fun and recreation, incorporating technology in your program will be a smart move to keep participants interested and engaged.
A number of possible ways you can use a projector in your summer program include:

  • Outdoor Movie Night  Enjoy an array of entertaining movies after the sun goes down. For easy viewing, you’ll want to make sure your projector offers lots of light (that is over 2000 lumens) and HD capability for better imaging and clear resolution.


  • Learning and Instruction Such as Showing an Exercise Video – this can be a great way for kids to engage in learning through the use of movement and can help provide some direction during the program.


  • Reading an E-Book to a Large Group – some e-book applications can be hooked up to a projector using an HDMI output


  • Playing Video Games – Play a variety of games outdoors with a projector and screen. To do this, your projector will need to have an HDMI connection for your video player.


  • Showing Slide Shows – this can be a fun, interactive activity which can be used to tell a story or help children learn.

When selecting a projector, you’ll want to choose one that is portable. It will also need to be hardy, durable and able to withstand frequent use. Additionally, it will need to have 2-3 ports for possible connections to computers, DVD players and gaming systems. Finally, it must be suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor environments, and should offer 2,000 lumens or more for better visibility. Some great projector choices for summer camps include:

  • ViewSonic PJD5533W – provides good resolution and brightness, and has plenty of connectivity choices for a value-priced data projector.


  • Optoma HD20 or HD71  This is easily enough light for a 135″ diagonal screen in a room with good light control, or a 100″ diagonal screen in a room with some ambient light. Even more noteworthy, the HD20’s Cinema mode still delivers a substantial 505 lumens, even in low lamp mode. So you get a very bright image and longer lamp life all at once.


  • Epson MovieMate 72 – The MovieMate 72 integrates an LCD-based projector, DVD player, audio system, and stereo speakers into a single box. Almost all you have to do to set it up is plug it in, point it at a screen—or a blank wall in a pinch—and insert a DVD.


  • Panasonic PT-AX200U – this projector offers a few new features at a much lower price. Most of the specs are still the same-2000 ANSI lumens maximum light output, 1280x720p resolution LCD panels, and a very quiet fan. It is a video projector uniquely designed for a wide range of home entertainment uses.

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Projectors for Camping Activities

Summer will soon be upon us and many families will be heading to campgrounds to enjoy some quality time together. During the day your family can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities from swimming to horseback riding. But come sundown, you may be looking for things to do.
Take with you a portable projector for tons of evening fun! Here are a few things you can do if you have a projector and screen set up at your campsite.

  • Movie Night – Enjoy an array of entertaining movies after the sun goes down. For easy viewing, you’ll want to make sure your projector offers lots of light (that is over 2000 lumens) and HD capability for better imaging and clear resolution.


  • Video Games – Have a video game contest. Play a variety of games outdoors with a projector and screen. To do this, your projector will need to have an HDMI connection for your video player.


  • Photographs – Go through the family album on the big screen. What fun it will be to view photos of your closest friends and relatives on a large screen! To ensure crisp images with vivid color, choose a projector with a contrast ratio of 10,000:1.

There are no “outdoor” projectors on the market today. However, there are many that meet all of the above criteria which are lightweight and hardy enough to go from indoors to outdoors. This includes:

  • The Epson Movie Mate 72


  • The ViewSonic PJD5533W


  • The Optoma HD141X

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3 Top New Projectors for 2016

As technology advances, so does the capabilities of home and office projectors. Today’s projectors offer more brightness, faster downloading speeds, HDMI ports with MHL support and enhanced sound systems.

JVC DLA Series

Offering 50% more brightness than their predecessors, the JVC DLA projector series is a gem. Equipped with a high power lamp and Motion Enhance technology, it provides superior imaging whether watching sports or enjoying a movie. The latest in HDMI inputs have also been included on these projectors allowing for quick data transfer rates.
new dla

ViewSonic Lightstream PJD7828HDL

Priced at under $1,000, this projector is sure to be a favorite in homes this year. With 3000 lumens, it offers solid imaging for your home or office. Having an advanced sound system, it will provide an exceptional movie viewing experience. It further offers a wider color range and a shorter throw ratio for better pictures.

Vivitek H1060

Extremely compact, this projector is lightweight and one of the most portable projectors on the market today. It offers 3000 lumens ensuring brightness and quality imaging as well as a 15000:1 contrast ratio. Equipped with 2 HDMI inputs, this projector will work with computers and blu-ray players. It also offers MHL support, and will work seamlessly with your Android phone or tablet.
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Best Multimedia Projectors 2015

Today, multimedia projectors are more affordable than ever. And with small and compact models, they can be used in a variety of settings. From home to the office, the multimedia projector has become important in areas of home entertainment, education and business.
Below you will find information about some of our favorite multimedia projectors for the year of 2015. Consider these models when purchasing a projector for your home, school or office.

For the Home

Many homeowners now enjoy watching movies in the convenience of their own homes. If looking to create your own home theater, you’ll want to shop for a multimedia projector that offers a good picture at an economical price. Sony, Epson, Optoma and BenQ are some of the leading manufacturers of home projectors. However, our favorite this year is the Epson Power Lite Home Cinema 2040 Projector. Extremely affordable, it is sold for less than $800 and offers many features typically found on more costly projectors. This includes full HD and 3D compatibility as well as frame interpolation and detail enhancement. Equipped with a high on/off contrast, it provides an excellent picture and along with an addition to a home theater system, is also suitable for gaming.

For the Classroom

Multimedia projectors can greatly enhance the learning experience of an individual. Whether used in corporate training or higher learning, projectors can conveniently connect with computers to allow the teacher to share whatever is being displayed on their computer screen. This includes websites, software apps, photos and more. Additionally, projectors can be used to simply show DVD’s or videos to students. The best projectors for classrooms should be lightweight, portable and easily mounted if desired. The Casio XJ-V1 projector meets and even exceeds these expectations. An LED projector, it provides a bright, sharp and powerful image. And at less than $1,000, it is cost-efficient for school districts, churches and other non-profit organizations. It is also user-friendly and thus can be operated without the need for technical assistance.

For Sales or Business Presentations

Impress potential customers or clients with a professional presentation using a multimedia projector. With a projector, you can display graphs, spreadsheets and more on a larger screen for better visibility. Your business projector should be portable and easy to carry. The Viewsonic PJD5123 SVGA DLP Projector is one of the best on the market currently for the office. Offering quick connection to a laptop or tablet, it requires little time to set up or prepare for a meeting. It further offers quality imaging, an integrated speaker and quiet operation. The lamp it uses lasts for as long as 5000 hours and is available for discounted prices at My Projector Lamps.
ViewSonic PJD5123 SVGA DLP Projector
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A Look at the ViewSonic LightStream Line-Up

A year ago, projector manufacturer ViewSonic launched a line of extremely affordable data projectors – the PJD5 series. With prices ranging from $399 to $599, the PJD5 series represented a low-cost option for bright DLP business projectors. Since then, though, the LightStream line-up has expanded. ViewSonic introduced the PJD6 series – which added advanced networking, improved sound and an HDMI port – in Q2 last year, followed by the introduction of the PJD7-HD series in Q3.
All LightStream projectors share a few commonalities: They’re priced competitively, with the top-of-line model, the PJD7835 starting at just $1049 MSRP. They’re optimized for accurate color performance, and they’re all fairly bright, ranging from about 3,000 to 4,000 lumens. Because of this, the LightStream projectors have found a niche as low-cost, high-performance options for entertainment, data and multimedia.  Each series offers something a little different for operators. Here’s a quick look at the differences between the three:
PJD5 Series: Specs and Features
The entry-level PJD5 series is the most affordable in the LightStream portfolio, with a price range of $399 to $599. As such, you shouldn’t expect all the bells and whistles. But there are a number of useful features in these projectors. First, they’re equipped with ViewSonic’s SuperColor technology, helping them all earn best-in-class color performance honors. The PJD5 projectors produce vibrant, well-saturated, and a wide variety of colors.
In addition, they’re all equipped with a 2W on-board speaker, have a brightness range of 3,000 to 3,300 lumens, and the majority are equipped with a single HMDI port. Plus, there are SVGA, XGA, WXGA configurations, and all the PJD5 projectors offer great portability. Overall, the PJD5 series is well suited for data presentations that occasionally rely on video. If you’re expecting a projector for home entertainment, on the other hand, the PJD5 line-up can manage, but it’s not what they’re designed to do; you’d likely find the PJD7 as the better option.
viewsonice pjd5

  • Options include: 5153, 5555w, 5155, 5255, 5255L, 5155L, 5350L

PJD6 Series: Specs and Features
The PJD6 Series is also built for data and multimedia, but the line offers several important upgrades. Most notably, the PJD6 Series is equipped with a robust suite of networking tools, enabling 250 machines to be controlled through the PJD6’s network management tools. The PJD6, in effect, is much more geared toward enterprise businesses and campuses that must deploy a large number of machines.
Additionally, the PJD6 projectors are equipped with better on-board sound – 10-watt speakers compared to 2-watt – and an additional HDMI port. Plus, the projectors are available in XGA and WXGA resolutions and have brightness ranges of 3,200 to 3,500 lumens. One similarity between the two series is price; the PJD6 series ranges from $599 to $999, making this a very cost-effective option for enterprise businesses and campuses.

  • Options include: 6250L, 6350, 6355, 6550W, 6552W, 6352LS, 6552LWS

PJD7 Series: Specs and Features
The PJD7-HD series is the latest introduction from ViewSonic. Essentially, the PJD7 projectors are the Full HD cousins of the PJD5 series. ViewSonic says the PJD7 models are “crossover” projectors: They aren’t designed for strictly data or entertainment, but rather they handle both effectively.
Like the PJD5 series, the PJD7 projectors are equipped with SuperColor, but they also receive some significant upgrades. For example, the PJD7 projectors are equipped with a redesigned 6-segment color wheel. This advances the LightStream’s already great color performance. As a result, the PJD7 series delivers the truest colors and a larger palette. Additionally, these projectors are equipped with a 16-watt on-board speaker backed by SonicExpert, helping the speakers achieve a higher frequency range and minimal distortion. The price for the PJD7 series is also very competitive, ranging from $999 to $1049.

  • Options include: 7830HDL, 7835HD

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ViewSonic PJ258D ViewDock Projector Review

The ViewSonic PJ258D was released in 2007, and at the time, it featured a novel tool that hadn’t been introduced in many projectors: An iPod docking station. Not an iPhone, but a port for an iPod! That’s how dated the projector sounds these days.

Viewsonic PJ258D Projector
Viewsonic PJ258D Projector

And that feature was the biggest selling point. The DLP-based projector was just average in other areas. For example, it offered 2,000 lumens, broadcast images in the XGA 1024×768 native resolution, and it originally retailed for $1,399 MSRP. Today, those aren’t very impressive specs, and in 2007, they weren’t that impressive either. Yet, with its iPod dock, the PJ258D did find buyers who were looking for a solution to play video from an MP3 source.
ViewSonic PJ258D: The Pros
The PJ258 did a few things right, and in some ways, it paved the way for more modern budget DLP-based projectors. Here are a few of the ViewSonic’s best features:

  • Lightweight Design: Weighing just 3.9 pounds, the PJ258D was a super portable projector. Even today, 4 pounds is considered light for a projector. Plus, the ViewSonic featured a sleek piano-key black case, which was before its time.
  • iPod Connectivity: The iPod dock, at the time, was a novel innovation. Now, we can see the limitation of the technology. Technology is constantly changing. The PJ258D wouldn’t support today’s iPhones. This feature, though, is built into a range of projectors today, and in many ways, the PJ258D was one of the first to popularize the idea.
  • Average Lamp Life: In 2007, the average lamp life for a single-chip DLP projector was about 2,000 hours. The PJ258D was rated for 2,000 hours, with a boost to 3,000 hours in economy mode. Today, many operators are looking for replacement lamps. Fortunately, a PJ258D replacement lamp starts at $239, a small price compared to the original MSRP. The lamp part number was also known as RLC-025.
    Viewsonic PJ258D Rear Inputs
    Viewsonic PJ258D Rear Inputs

ViewSonic PJ258D: The Cons
Outside of the iPod dock and lightweight design, the PJ258D was limited in a few areas. Image quality left something to be desired, and its built-in speaker delivered barely useable audio.

  • Poor Audio Quality: The PJ258D was equipped with a 1-watt mono-speaker. In the quietest of places, that might suffice, but it still wouldn’t be great. The audio performance was sub-par. Fortunately, the projector had an audio-out connection, and external audio was a must for this projector.
  • Below-Average Image Performance: Early reviews noted a similar problem: The PJ258D was prone to the rainbow effect. Although it delivered 2,000 lumens of light with a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, the image was average at best with noticeable rainbow effect.
  • Limited Connections: For a projector released in 2007, the PJ258D had a decent range of connections: S-Video, Composite-Video, and VGA inputs. Today, that would be considered a below-average range.

The PJ258D offered a new feature in 2007, an iPod dock, but apart from that, it wasn’t a great projector. There were better similarly priced projectors that were released that year. Even so, the projector performed OK, and it was ideal for iPod early adopters. If you own this model, MyProjectorLamps offers the best price on a PJ258D replacement lamp.

Projector Review: ViewSonic PJD7820HD

Released two years ago, the ViewSonic PJD7820HD is a solid performer in the budget data projector class. The projector’s Full HD resolution (1920×1080) delivers crisp, detailed data images. Text, both small and large, is clear, and it’s capable of handling multimedia. Yet, it’s not the most reliable cross-over projector – it’s an excellent data projector, but just OK with home entertainment.
Initial reviews of the ViewSonic PJD7820HD revealed that the projector’s video performance was average. Color performance is decent, with some rainbow artifacts present. It can handle video, gaming and 3D content, but it’s not perfect. This is more of an entry-level home entertainment projector, which makes sense considering the price. On the other hand, as a data projector, the ViewSonic performs well, and with a starting price of $599, it’s one of the most affordable Full HD presentation projectors on the market.

ViewSonic PJD7820HD Projector
ViewSonic PJD7820HD Projector

Projector Specs and Features:  ViewSonic PJD7820HD

  • Extended Lamp Life: In standard mode, this single-chip DLP projector achieves 4,000 hours of lamp life – above-average in terms of performance. In smart economy mode, though, the lamp life is boosted to 7,000 hours. Plus, with the PJD7820HD replacement lamp and module – part no. RLC-079 – costing $274.99, maintenance costs for this projector remain low.
  • Image Brightness: When it was released, the PJD7820 was one of the brightest Full HD data projectors available. The lamp is rated at 3,000 lumens of brightness, which suits well to small- to mid-sized spaces and moderate levels of ambient light.
  • Native Resolution: Not only was the PJD7820 one of the first Full HD (1920×1080) data projectors, it was also one of the most affordable. With a Full HD resolution, it’s nearly double the WXGA format and nearly three times more resolute than XGA projectors. That makes it possible to draw out better contrast for small images. With XGA, smaller text becomes more difficult to read; that’s not the case with Full HD.
  • Portability: The projector weighs just about four pounds, and its dimensions (3.3×10.6×8.7) make this an extremely portable projector. Thus, it’s ideal for presentations on the go, as well as for moving between venues, i.e. office and home.
  • Color Performance: One disadvantage is the color performance. It performs about average, with some calibration, but yet, rainbow artifacts are present, particularly with video. This isn’t one of the better projectors for video, and that’s why, if you need only a home entertainment projector, you might want something that provides better color quality and saturation.


  • Connectivity: There are a range of ports, including an HDMI, USB Type B, S-Video, VGA monitor out, and two VGA-in ports. The HDMI, which supports HDMI 1.4a, enables the projector to connect directly to a Bluray player. One disadvantage, particularly for business presentations, is that it doesn’t have a Type A USB port, which make it possible for the projector to read data directly from the USB port. The Type B port only accommodates a wireless mouse and similar applications.
  • Audio Performance: The projector is equipped with a 2-watt speaker; that’s below average in terms of performance, with similarly priced projectors available with 10-watt speakers. Yet, the audio is capable, ideal for small rooms or if your audience will be sitting near the projector.
    ViewSonic PJD7820HD Projector - Rear Inputs
    ViewSonic PJD7820HD Projector – Rear Inputs

The Bottom Line: Is the ViewSonic PJD7820HD Worth the Investment?
As a data projector, there’s a lot to like about the PJD7820 – most importantly though is the price. When it was released it was one of the – if not the most – affordable Full HD data projector available. These days, there are similarly priced options, but yet at $599, the PJD7820 is a very good value. Plus, data image quality is crisp, it can accommodate a number of different sources, and it’s lightweight and portable.
At that price, you can’t go wrong for data projection. WXGA projectors are similarly priced, but the images aren’t as resolute. So this is a suitable piece of hardware for the office. At home, video performance is just OK, so if you’ll be using this more for home entertainment, it might be wise to invest in a projector with a more robust video feature set.