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Top Sports Bar Projectors for Watching the 2016 NFL Season

Are you ready for some football? On September 8th, the new 2016 season will kick off in the NFL when the Denver Broncos play host to the Carolina Panthers in a Superbowl re-match. What better way to watch the game then at a sports bar on a large projector screen?
If you’re a bar owner, this can be a great way to get new patrons. However, you’ll need to make sure your projector is high quality and offers clear imaging. A grainy picture or distorted image will run customers away and they’ll never come back. Remember, fans are serious about watching the game and if you want to show it at your establishment, you’ll need to do it the right way.
Doing it properly starts with the right equipment. Check out the following top projectors for enjoying sporting events. All are LCD or WUXGA projectors with HD capabilities. Along with high picture quality, they are ceiling or wall mountable, have high lumens, and include HDMI connections. Closed optics are also necessary to protect your projector if smoking is allowed in your bar.
Projectors for Large Spaces
If you have a large space, you’ll need to select a projector that has higher lumens such as the NEC NP-PA622U. Some features of this projector include:

  • 6200 lumens
  • Horizontal/vertical lens shift
  • Tilt-free installations



Projectors for Medium Spaces
The BenQ SU922 is an ideal projector for medium-sized pubs or bars. Along with exceptional brightness and clarity, this professional quality projector also offers:

  • Vertical lens shift
  • 5,000 lumens
  • Attractive metallic design


The BenQ SU922

Projectors for Small Spaces
Epson Pro Cinema 6550WU provides perfect color and advanced video processing. It is compact, making it a good choice for smaller venues. Other features of this projector include:

  • 5200 lumens
  • 2 HD connections
  • Centered/locking lens shift


The Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema G6550WU

Finally, don’t fail to invest in a quality screen and sound system.
If you already have a projector for your sports bar and the lamp needs replacing, has you covered with an unbeatable selection of high-quality replacement lamps at low, affordable prices.  Shop with us today and save!  

NEC NP-PE401H Full HD Data Projector Review

Launched in 2013 as the first in NEC PE series, the NP-PE401H is billed as an “entry-level” data projector. That means it’s fairly affordable, starting at $1,999, while delivering high-impact performance. For presenters, the PE401H is a solid projection tool. The projector provides a 4,000-lumen, Full HD image, in the 16:9 aspect ratio (compared to the typical 16:10 for data projectors). That alone is one reason the projector stands out, but there’s also a wide range of functionalities and features.
For instance, the NP-PE401H delivers up to 3,300 hours of lamp life – which is above average for Full HD projectors, and will save you on a replacement lamp – plus, it can accommodate data from almost any source. There are two HDMI ports, an S-Video port and composite video port, as well as a USB-B port. Schools, churches and mid-sized conference spaces looking for a projector – particularly those that rely on video – should consider this projector.

NEC NP-PE401H Projector
NEC NP-PE401H Projector

Features and Specs: NEC NP-PE401H
With its bright output, the NP-PE401H performs well in rooms with some ambient light. That makes it ideal venues like schools and boardrooms where it’s difficult to achieve dark lighting conditions. Of course, it won’t compete with direct sunlight, but also, you won’t need to draw the shades completely. In addition to brightness, though, there are a lot of great features available. These include:

  • Great Image Quality: The NP-PE401H is all about image quality. Backed up by BrilliantColor technology, the color saturation is lush and vibrant. Plus, the image is crisp and detailed, with a 2,000:1 contrast ratio. The clarity of black-on-white text is near-perfection, and the technology delivers great detail in pictures, which is ideal for medical diagrams, architectural drawings or other images with fine detail.
  • Full HD Video, 3D: Although it’s not built as a video projection tool, the NP-PE401H is very capable. It delivers Full HD 1080p video, so you can plug-and-play a Bluray player via an HDMI cable. Plus, it’s capable of providing basic 3D content. In other words, this isn’t a replacement for your home theater projector, but if you’ll be using video clips and short videos in your presentations, the NP-PE401H delivers. Unfortunately, 3D glasses are not included.
  • Large Image Projection: The NP-PE401H is designed to project images up to 300 inches diagonal, which is more than sufficient for most classrooms. Even when projecting an image that large, quality keeps pace, with only slight issues visible. With a picture of about 150 inches, though, the image quality is stunning.
  • Long Lamp Life: Full HD LCD projectors, in general, have long lasting light sources. That’s certainly true in the NP-PE401H. The projector’s 330-watt bulb achieves 2,500 hours of life in the standard mode – just above average for similar projectors – and it’s capable of up to 3,300 hours. Fortunately, the NEC NP-PE401H replacement lamp – part No. NP24LP – is a low-cost investment, helping to save on maintenance costs over the life of the projector.
    NEC NP-PE401H Rear Inputs
    NEC NP-PE401H Rear Inputs
  • Sufficient Sound Quality: The projector is equipped with a dual 8-watt speaker system, and that’s extremely useful for multimedia presentations. The speakers deliver decent audio, enabling presenters to plug-and-play without having to connect to an external audio source.
  • Installation Flexibility, Portability: The projector weighs about 10 pounds, which isn’t exactly ideal for ceiling mounting, but it still remains portable. NEC labels this a tabletop-front or table-top back projector, meaning it performs well when sitting on the table of a boardroom or a classroom desk. Yet, it also performs well on a cart. Without lens shift, though, installations do need to be precise to achieve maximum results.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a projector for a small or mid-sized venue, the NEC NP-PE401H is a reliable and powerful tool. The image quality is stunning, the features are on point with similarly priced projectors, and NEC has a reputation for building high-quality A/V tools. Plus, the price, although a bit higher than some budget projectors, is in reach for most organizations.

Projector Review: NEC NP-M300X Multimedia Projector

When it was first released in 2010, the NEC NP-M300X was a highly capable multimedia projector – perfect for the boardroom or classroom. Today, it remains a powerful piece of hardware, even though it’s since been replaced by the NEC NP-M322X. It’s currently out-of-production, but that doesn’t change what the projector is capable of. Plus, you can still find used and refurbished M300X’s online – which, if the price is right, would make a good investment. Here’s why:
The NP-M300X is built for vibrant, color-saturated presentation. It’s equipped with a 3,000-lumen lamp, achieving stellar image performance in standard office lighting. Plus, it can accommodate a variety of video formats, the projector is super portable, and it’s built with a wide range of ports. The only downside, really, is that the technology is a little aged. It remains a great projector, but yet, it’s missing features you’ll find in the replacement NP-M322X, like increased brightness and contrast, enhanced audio and auto keystone correction.

NEC NP-M300X Projector
NEC NP-M300X Projector

Key Features: NP-M300X’s Image and Brightness Specs

For a projector that went out of the production in 2013, the NP-M300X offers quite a bit of useful features and specs. The most impressive, though, are the NP-M300X’s image quality and brightness. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Suitable Brightness for Presentations: The 3,000-lumen rated NP-M300X provides substantial brightness and a wide brightness range. In the standard mode, the projector is powerful, and if you were to project a 100-inch image in normal ambient light, you’d achieve a crisp, clear image. There are two addition eco settings, Eco 1 and Eco 2, which are reserved for lower ambient light and for displaying smaller images. Depending on the mode you use, the NP-M300X has a range of about 1,300 to 3,000 lumens. Plus, it’s consistent brightness, with no dim or brighter areas, even in zoomed settings.
  • Extended Lamp Life: Equipped with a 180-watt VIP lamp (Replacement Part No: NP15LP), the projector’s lamp has an average life of 5,000 hours in standard mode. In eco settings, lamp life is extended up to 6,000 hours. That keeps maintenance costs low, which is another reason this is such a useful piece of A/V equipment for schools and businesses.
  • Quality Image and Video Performance: NEC’s 3LCD technology is designed to provide powerful image, and when it was first released, reviewers raved about data image performance. It has a native XGA resolution (1024×768), a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, and delivers vibrant colors with excellent saturation. For presentations, that’s exactly what you’re after. Plus, the M300X can accommodate a variety of video formats, from 480i to 1080p Full HD, and performance is consistent, especially for a projector that’s not designed for video. In other words, for the occasional classroom movie, the M300X is a viable option.
  • Available Connections and Set-Up Flexibility: Compared to today’s projectors, the M300X is a little behind the times, but yet, it features a decent range of connection options and a few useful image correction features. For instance, it has 1 HDMI port, both USB A & B connections, and 2 VGA ports. Plus, it has a zoom ratio of 1.7:1 and vertical keystone correction. Newer models have a bit more selection, as well as features like auto keystone.
    NEC NP-M300X Rear Inputs
    NEC NP-M300X Rear Inputs

Is the M300X still a reliable choice these day?

Yes, the M300X remains a capable projector, but only if the price is right. Currently, its replacement the M322X, which is actually two generations removed from the original, sells for about $650 in North America. Thus, that should be your benchmark. If you can find a quality, used M300X in the range of $300, that’s an incredible deal. Plus, with M300X replacement lamps costing around $200, you can have a near-new set-up for less than today’s version.
In reality, there aren’t too many features that separate the M300X and the M322X. The newer version has improved brightness at 3,200 lumens and a much greater contrast ratio. Plus, it has improved audio – 10W compared to 20W speaker – as well as auto keystone and useful networking features. But for basic classroom or business presentations, those features wouldn’t be missed. Thus, if you’re on the market for a used or refurbished projector, the M300X might suit you well.