How to Make Shadow Puppets Using Your Projector

Shadow puppets are popular in early childhood education. Along with enhancing story hour, they can also inspire creativity and interactive play. With a projector, images will appear larger and can be moved across the screen creating active scenes.




In earlier years, overhead projectors were used for shadow puppetry. However, the same fun is possible with today’s video or digital projectors. Simply follow the instructions below to create your puppet show.


Tools You Will Need:


  • Projector with at least 2000 lumens and quick keystone correction for adjusting angles.


  • A sheet, portable projection screen or curtain for projecting the image. You can also use your ceiling for added fun.


  • Puppet shapes for storytelling. You can make them out of Styrofoam or poster board. Consider attaching your puppets to craft sticks or string for added control and freedom of movement.


  • Make a scene or setting that can also be crafted from Styrofoam or poster board to enhance storytelling and playtime.


  • Lots of imagination.


shadow puppets 2



  • Clear area and make room around the screen for the kids to have ample room to play with their puppets.


  • Dim room lights.


  • Turn on your projector to cast light on your wall or projector screen.


  • Have kids experiment with distances to see their puppets get bigger and smaller.


shadow puppets


Along with classroom fun, this can be a great activity on snowy or rainy days. Kids can also use their bodies to create images such as trees or turtles.


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7 Affordable Projectors for Everyday Consumers

Whether you live in a small apartment or a large family home, a projector can add some excitement to your TV or movie viewing experience. Unfortunately, most people think owning a projector does not fit their tight budget. The truth is however, that when projectors become more popular, they also become more affordable. For under a couple grand, you can set up a nice projector system in your living space.


home projector


Some features you’ll want to look for when shopping for an entry-level projector include:


  • HDMI connectivity


  • Portability or easy installation


  • Equipped with built-in speakers (or you can purchase them separately)


  • Quality light output


  • HD capability (3D optional)


  • LCD or LED (LED projectors offer a longer lamp life)



There are many affordable projectors on today’s market including:


1.) The Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5030UB which offers great color and lens shift. It also comes with 3D glasses.


2.) The BenQ W1080ST – With full HD and 3D capability, it’s great for small apartments.


BenQ W1080ST


BenQ W1080ST


3.) The Optoma HD 28DSE – It’s lightweight and has greater quality for the price.


4.) The Epson EH-TW9200 – An economical option for those wanting 3D capabilities.



Epson EH-TW9200


5.) The BenQ GP10 – An LED projector that is both lightweight and compact.


6.) The BenQ TH670 – Extremely affordable with great color saturation.


7.) The Optoma HD142X – Comes with 3D capability and is a good choice for rooms with lots of light.


Once you’ve found the right projector, you’ll need to invest in a projector screen. You may also opt to set up a wall for viewing with the use of a special paint instead of using a screen. Other accessories you can buy to enhance your home theater include an advanced sound system, HDMI cables and a ceiling mounting kit.


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Recommended Projectors For Halloween

Halloween can be a fun time to get together with friends for a movie night. What better way to celebrate the festivities than by watching sequels of the movie Halloween or Friday the 13th ? Make some creepy snacks and drinks for your guests, then gather in a room together for a thrilling good time!



To get the most enjoyment out of a thriller or horror movie,  you’ll want to use a projector and movie screen that provides the best opportunity for a theater like experience. Here are a few tips for setting up your home theater just in time for Halloween:


  • Opt for a 3D projector as many spooky films are in 3D. Don’t forget to check to make sure the glasses are included. Some of the best and most cost-efficient 3D projectors include: the Optoma HD142x, the ViewSonic PJD7835HD and the Epson Home Cinema 200.



The Optoma HD142x

  • Ensure your projector provides quiet operation so that it doesn’t interfere with the sound effects of your movie. Additionally, purchase an audio system for surround sound and added effects to feel like you’re part of the action.


  • You will likely be watching your movie later in the evening so outdoor sunlight won’t be an issue. However, choosing a projector that offers a higher lumen rate for brightness can help prevent any light refection from other rooms in the house.


  • Make sure your projector provides HDMI input for your DVD player or offers connectivity to Netflix or Hulu to allow you to watch your movies.


  • If you plan to set things up outside, consider an outdoor projection screen with stand. While flicker free, they will aid in the viewing experience.




You can also use your projector to display creepy creatures on your garage door or use lighting effects near he entrance of your home in order to spook Trick or Treaters on Halloween night!





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Top Projectors for Watching the New NHL Season

Hockey is a game that offers lots of excitement with plenty of movement and intensity. While watching your favorite match-ups this season, you don’t want to miss a second of the action! You’ll also want to view high definition details and enjoy high quality sound to experience the full game day environment.




The NHL offers the best matches in the sport of hockey. With the season starting soon, it’s time to get ready for game night!


Projectors are all the rave in today’s home theaters because they let you watch your favorite shows on a larger screen. However, watching hockey on these screens can be a challenge unless you have the right projector. This is due to the fast movement as well as the difficulty viewing the black puck against the white background. When choosing a projector for this NHL season, look for the following features:


  • 4K Projection (the best but full HD capability is acceptable)


  • Detail Enhancement and Sharpening Features


  • CFI (for easier viewing of fast action)


  • Lens Shift


  • HDMI Connections


  • 2200 or More Lumens


  • Deep Blacks


Some projectors to consider include:


1.) The Sony VPL-VW350ES – Offers 4k projection for exceptional viewing of all kinds of sports. It is also ideal for watching shows on extra-large screens.


2.) The Optoma HD50 Home Theater Projector – Provides full HD and 3D support along with frame interpolation and vertical lens shift.

Optoma HD50


Optoma HD50


3.) The Optoma GT1080 – A short throw projector, it is ideal for smaller spaces such as apartments or condominiums.


4.) The Panasonic PT-AE8000U – This 3D capable projector also offers smooth screen technology and an advanced optimal system.

Panasonic ptae8000u

Panasonic PT-AE8000U


5.) The JVC DLA-X700R – Although not quite as pricey as the Sony VPL-VW350ES, this projector provides exceptional picture quality and contrast.


Once you’ve purchased your projector, you’ll also need to invest in surround sound to improve audio quality. There are many speaker options available that come in smaller sizes which still provide great sound.  Enjoy the season!


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Tips for Installing a Home Theater inside a Basement or Living Room

Whether in a living room, basement or other location, a home theater is often the most popular hang-out spot for entertainment viewing. Along with being a place to gather for movie night, it also provides an exciting way to watch and enjoy basketball, hockey, football and other sports.


Make your home theater a stylish and comfortable meeting space for family and friends with the following set up tips and ideas:


The Projector – Choose the right projector for your space. Begin by assessing the amount of light in the room. If you have lots of light, you’ll need a projector with more lumens or brightness.




Seating – Cozy seating is important for setting up a comfortable home theater. Arrange for comfortable seats with quality back support such as stadium chairs or recliner sofas.


theatre seating


The Screen – Choose your projector screen based upon the amount of light in your room. For example, white screens are best for basement theaters while a gray screen will show images best in rooms with lots of light. Another important thing to keep in mind, is the screen size should be determined by the square footage of your room.


Sound – External speakers provide a great way to ensure you have quality sound in your home theater. For even better sound, place speakers in the corner of the room and on the side of your seating area.




Lighting – Minimize lighting when watching movies or games with black-out curtains or room darkening blinds.


Projector Placement – If you plan to use your projector in multiple rooms, you’ll want to opt for a lightweight, compact and portable one. Temporarily place your projector on an AV cart or small coffee table when in use. However, when possible, you should consider mounting it on your ceiling for saving space and added convenience.


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