Top Projectors for Newly Released August Movie Rentals

This August you can rent a bevy of fine films that will look great on your home theater system.  If you are looking to buy a projector for the first time or upgrade to a newer model, there are a few relatively new models that will deliver the crystal clear picture quality your family desires.




Optoma HD39Darbee

The Optoma HD39Darbee is as colorful as its name.  The projector’s Darbee processing applies variable picture enhancements to boost colors, increase brightness, and add edge emphasis for more detailed images.  Other pleasing features are its 3,500 lumens, HD resolution and affordable price tag.



If you’re looking for big screen entertainment but are short on space, consider this LG model.  It can project an image size between 40 and 80 inches at a throw distance between two inches and one foot.


BenQ HT2550

This BenQ model features 4K picture quality and an incredible 8.3 million distinct color pixels.  The projector’s 2,200 lumens should be bright enough for most living rooms.  It can also project 3D at 1080p resolution.





OverboardBased on an ’80s romantic comedy, this film’s protagonist, Leonardo, hires single mother Kate to clean his yacht, then unjustly fires her. When he falls off his boat and wakes up with amnesia, Kate pretends to be Leonardo’s wife to get payback by making him work for her.



Breaking In:  In this thriller, a mom takes her teenage children to her family’s high-security home in the country.  After several men break in, hold her children hostage and lock her out, their mother must break in and do whatever it takes to save her kids.




Life of the Party:  A recently divorced mom in her 40s decides to get her degree and joins her daughter at college.  There, she enjoys a wild life on campus while coming to terms with her new situation.




A Quiet Place:  A family avoids being eaten by blind monsters that hunt via sound by living in complete silence.  The parents and their son and deaf daughter all communicate through sign language, and must come up with ingenious ways to stay alive.




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Best Projectors to Use for Hosting a Summer Birthday Party

At big birthday parties, having the ability to render beautiful family photos on a large scale can captivate people’s attention.  A slideshow that has a good mixture of sweet and funny pictures means that people will have something to help pass the time and spark off conversations with other friends or family members in attendance.


summer birthday 1


This summer, find a shady spot outdoors or a low-key room at your venue and set up a projector.

Here are some of the best projectors to use for a slide show or video montage at a summer birthday party:


Optoma EH515

If the projector isn’t bright enough, your photos will look washed-out and unimpressive, completely lacking the effect you are hoping to achieve.  The Optoma EH515 provides 5,500 lumens of brightness, making it capable of projecting in rooms with ambient light, which may be unavoidable if your birthday function is in a large room and the projector is only part of the festivities.



summer birthday 2

BenQ MH733

You will need to make sure that the projector can connect to the device your media is stored on, whether it’s a camera, laptop, MacBook or tablet.  The BenQ MH733, which is primarily intended for conference rooms, has many connectivity options:  VGA, USB, HDMI and more.  Other attractive benefits of this model include a brightness rating of 4,000 lumens and a price tag under one grand.


summer birthday 3Epson Home Cinema 1060

If you know that you will only need to project photos at the party, getting a 4K resolution projector is going overboard in terms of technology and price.  This Epson costs you less than $700 and provides 1920×1080 resolution, which will display your photos beautifully.  The brightness for this model is 3,100 lumens, so make sure you can control the ambient light in the room.


summer birthday 3



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Best Projectors to Take on a Family Vacation or Summer Road Trip



Whether it is for a family vacation or a summer road trip, a portable projector is an affordable gadget that will ensure a good time, rain or shine!  As technology becomes more advanced, smaller projectors are offering better picture quality.




Below, are a few great portable projectors to choose from:




These three LG models are excellent selections in the “ultra short throw” category.  The throw distance range for these projectors can be as short as 2.5 to 18 inches while still projecting an image larger than most flat screens you find in hotel rooms.  Each model weighs in at less than seven pounds, which is convenient if you are flying and need to cut down on your baggage weight.  In terms of brightness, the LG PH450UG has 450 lumens, which is not excellent.  But the LG PF1000UW and LG HF85JA models have 1000 and 1500 lumens, respectively, which will be fine once you draw the shades.

summer4LG  PF1000UW


Optoma ML750ST


This “pocket” projector fits in the palm of your hand and weighs less than two pounds, including the power block.  Still, this tiny device can project a 50-inch diagonal image at 34 inches from the screen.  The Optoma ML750ST has received glowing reviews of its image quality in spite of its 700-lumen rating.


Casio XJ-A257


The Casio XJ-A257 is a portable projector that packs a ton of features in a slim package.  The projector features Wi-Fi connectivity and 2 gigabytes of internal memory, provides 3000 lumens of brightness and can project at a distance as short at three feet.  All this in a five-pound projector!






This AAXA model is a 14 cubic square inch box that will be easy to pack for your trip.  At less than one pound, the AAXA HD projector will fit in the palm of your hand.  Though the projector’s brightness is only 50 lumens, its 17-inch minimum throw distance will fit perfectly in any space.




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Best Projectors for Watching the 2018 FIFA World Cup!

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is here and along with it comes all the action, drama, and emotional highs and lows.  What better way to watch the sport than on a large projector screen?




In the past, it was either too expensive to own a projector at home or the picture quality just wasn’t good enough.  Over the years, however, the quality and selection have improved, and the prices have lowered.


BenQ HT2550

This BenQ model with its 4K picture quality makes sure that fans will be able to tell the teams apart thanks to its incredible 8.3 million distinct color pixels.  The projector’s 2,200 lumens should be bright enough for most living rooms.



Optoma UHD50

This projector excels at showing action with sharp focus from side to side and top to bottom of the screen.  Furthermore, its color balance is well tuned, and with an impressive 500,000 to 1 contrast ratio and 2,400 lumens of brightness, the picture will be perfect.



world cup5

Epson Home Cinema 5040UB

This Epson model features an excellent 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio, 2,500 lumens, and three 1080p LCD chips.  And with Epson’s 4k-Enhancement pixel-shifting technology, the projector’s image looks closer to true 4K than 1080p.  In addition, the motion refresh rate on the Epson Home Cinema 5040UB is superior in quality, making it ideal for the World Cup.  (Fast motion refresh rates are important as they give you a nice smooth picture when it comes to tracking the ball.)


world cup3



Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector — LSPX-A1

If money is no object, then the Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw projector is a stunning development in short throw projectors that could enhance your experience of the  FIFA World Cup.  Disguised as a table, this projector can be placed at a distance of 9.6 inches from the wall and still cast a 120-inch projection in 4K resolution with 2,500 lumens of brightness.


world cup4


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Best Projectors to Use for Museum Exhibits This Summer

More and more often, museums and galleries are required to put on elaborate, headline grabbing displays to attract visitors. Projectors are frequently the solution, which means that more advanced models are generally needed.




It is crucial to find the right projector for the job.  A projector that works well in your living room might not necessarily be the right model to use in a museum, which has large spaces with lots of ambient light.


Museums are keeping up with projector technology to enhance artistic expression.  This June, the Japanese multimedia art collective teamLab will open the Digital Art Museum in Tokyo.  Using 470 projectors and 520 computers, teamLab created a 107,600 square foot exhibit called ‘Borderless,’ which comprises more than 50 interactive art pieces.  The artworks aren’t separated but blend into one another within the rooms and corridors where they are displayed.




In the spirit of enhancing art with cutting edge technology, here are some of the top projectors for museums and art exhibits:


Sony VPL-PHZ10

This Sony projector offers 5,000 lumens of brightness, which will provide great illumination in nearly any light conditions.  With up to 20,000 hours of continuous operation, this projector is suited for frequent use that is typical of museums exhibits.  With Sony’s proprietary BrightEra 3LCD projection technology, the VPL-PHZ10 delivers vibrant color and fine-detail resolution.



Panasonic PT-RZ870

Available in July 2018, the Panasonic PT-RZ870 projector is capable of maintenance-free operation for up to 20,000 hours thanks to air-tight and dust-resistant optical units and cooling systems, making it ideal for museums.  This projector blends crisp and vivid imagining with 8,500 lumens of brightness.



Christie D4K3560

Now here’s something that will make you react like the subject in Edvard Munch’s The Scream:  this Christie model’s brightness reaches 35,000 lumens!  This, along with its native 4k resolution, makes the Christie D4K3560 ideal for large applications, including museums.



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