Top Projectors for Fast-Paced Action Films

For many of us, the appeal of having a projector at home is to be able to watch movies in the most epic, cinematic way possible without the sticky floors and noisy patrons of a real movie theater. The problem is that most modern blockbusters are visually stunning feasts of special effects and fast-paced action, and some projectors can’t cope, leaving you frustrated and choking on your popcorn.

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So what you need is a projector which can cope with the speed of whichever explosive motion picture you’re watching, whether it’s Star Wars, Guardians Of The Galaxy or The Fast And The Furious. Here are some of the top projectors for fast-paced action films:


Epson Home Cinema 2040 3D 1080p 3LCD Projector


Buying a 3D 3LCD Projector with a resolution of 1080 pixels isn’t cheap, but this Epson model is affordable without losing any of the reliability or power. There’s no rainbow effects showing up, no matter how colorful and spectacular the action on screen is and it has a short lag time so you won’t be flustered no matter how fast the pixels are flying. It has good brightness for rooms with ambient lighting and is just a great all-round model.

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Optoma GT1080


The differences between modern movies and modern video games are getting smaller and smaller, so it’s certainly worth looking at projectors that are targeted at gamers when you want to find one that will play your favorite movies the way that looks best. Like action movies, games are fast paced and need a short lag time, otherwise they are almost unplayable/unwatchable, and this Optoma model is ideal, especially if you like video games as much as action movies.

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BenQ HT1085ST


One of the most popular home entertainment models out there at the moment, this BenQ short throw projector is perfect for smaller rooms where you still want to create a large and great quality image. Short throw projectors like this one are ideal for home entertainment set-ups because of the ease with which you can fit it into any room layout without having leads going across the room. It may not have quite as high definition as some of the others, and will have some rainbow artifacts at times, but it is still more than effective enough to blow you away when you’re watching the Avengers.

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Vivitek H1186-WT


Another excellent model that works well for both fast paced action movies and video games, this Vivitek projector offers 1080 pixels of resolution in both 2D and 3D and while it does sometimes have issues with rainbow artifacts, it has the short lag time required, one of the shortest you’ll find in any projector. It’s also very customizable for day time or night time viewing, making it a flexible and effective model that will give good service for home entertainment, no matter how fast and furious your movies might be.

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Top Projectors for Museum or Art Exhibits

Finding the right projector for the job is always key if you want to avoid disappointment, and this is even more crucial when you are going to be using it on public display. A projector that works well in the home would not necessarily be the right model to use for a museum or art exhibition, because it will have different qualifications and may not perform well in such a large space with lots of ambient light, which is known to be a common problem in older buildings.


art projector 1


Another factor to take into consideration is what exactly the projector is going to be used for. Increasingly, museums and galleries are needing to put on elaborate, headline grabbing displays to attract visitors, and projectors often play a significant role in these, which means that more advanced models are needed. Taking that into consideration, here are some of the top projectors for museums and art exhibits:


art projector 2

Sony VPL-FHZ55


The world’s first 3LCD laser projector, this offers 4000 lumen brightness (which would deliver great results in almost any light conditions) and a resolution that’s even higher than Full HD, even on huge screens and curved surfaces, making it ideal for museums and galleries. The ARoS Aarhus Art Museum in Denmark bought 21 of these projectors for a special show in 2014 that required crystal clear video and photo on a large scale, and its power and flexibility makes it a great option for similar venues.

art projector 3

Panasonic PT-RZ970


Another factor to take into consideration when buying a projector for a museum or gallery is that they may be getting used far more intensively than anywhere else, often staying switched on for the entire time the venue is open to the public. This Panasonic model – as well as offering 10,000 lumens of light and good picture quality – is a strong and stable performer that claims to provide up to 20,000 hours of continuous maintenance-free operation, so it won’t let you down. Or at least, it shouldn’t.


art projector 4

Christie WU14K-M WUXGA


Offering both a long lamp life and a compact size, this Christie model is popular with museums and galleries and was used in an exhibition at the Musuem Of Modern Art in New York by Isaac Julien, which required large scale projection of images and video including the kind of quality visitors to MoMa would expect. It needed to be visible and enjoyable from all floors of the museum, and staff chose this model to deliver that. If it’s good enough for MoMa, it should be able to meet these requirements!

art projector 5


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Recommended Portable Projectors to use for Camping Trips

A projector might not be the first item on many people’s checklists for a camping trip, but a good quality portable model can be a great way to provide entertainment for those long evenings when you may have forgotten your playing cards or when you need to stay inside due to rainy weather. Simply hook up your smart phone and you can project your favorite movies and TV shows using a larger image to provide viewing for more than one person at a time.




Of course, you need to make sure you’ve got the right model, because the last thing you need on a camping trip is to be carrying around a big heavy projector that you may not be able to provide the proper connections for. You might have to do your research to find one that fits your requirements and won’t be more trouble than it’s worth.

To help you out, here are some of the best portable projectors to use for camping trips:


Philips Pocket Projector PPX4010


One of the smallest and lightest projectors out there, it more than lives up to its ‘pocket’ name, and won’t cause you any problems when it comes to packing for your camping trip. With that size, you of course are trading in some of the power, so it only comes with 100 lumens of brightness and a resolution of 854×480, There’s also no batteries, so it needs to be connected to a power source. However, if you’re looking for portable, THIS is portable.


AAXA M5 Mini Projector


Another projector that might not be quite as small as the Philips model but is still more than portable enough to be great for camping trips, this AAXA device is compact and comes with its own carrying case, while it also has a rechargeable battery. What it does lack is higher image quality on videos, but on a camping trip you’re likely to be more forgiving this odd issue, and its portability and durability are high selling points.

business projector5

Magnasonic LED Pocket Pico Video Projector


If the AAXA model’s video issues are a significant problem for you, then you might want to consider this Magnasonic projector instead. It’s small, portable and very affordable too. At just 25 lumens of brightness, it doesn’t deliver great power, but its video quality is surprisingly good, as long as you’re able to watch your shows and movies in a dark space. It comes with a rechargeable battery and would be a great addition to any camping kit.

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Top 2017 Projector Models for Business Presentations

Finding the right projector is always a subjective matter, because what might be the best model for you to use in your home cinema won’t necessarily be the ideal one to have for using in a classroom. If you are buying a projector to use for business presentations, you won’t need it to deliver the very latest 4K picture quality or blast your eardrums with its high quality sound system; you have more practical needs and a top-of-the-range home entertainment projector might not be necessary.


business projector1

Here are some of the top rated projector models for business presentations available on the market:


Epson EX7235 Pro


An excellent projector model that is portable – it even comes with its own carrying bag for extra convenience – and requires very little effort when it comes to setting it up, which is always useful when arriving at a new location for a presentation. It delivers a good all-round projection for business presentations at a decent price range.


business projector2


BenQ MX525 DLP


Another lightweight and portable model that will be popular with whoever needs to transport it around offices and locations. It also delivers 3200 lumens of brightness, ensuring that you shouldn’t have any problems with presentations in rooms with ambient light, something that can be an issue when you don’t necessarily have control over such things at external meetings, etc. Transporting projectors can be a nuisance, but this BenQ model will make it a breeze.

business projector3

ViewSonic Pro8520HD


Here’s a problem with most business presentations – they’re boring. Keeping the attention of your audience in a large room while going through a PowerPoint presentation about corporate finances can be a struggle at the best of times, so you need a projector that will be on your side. This ViewSonic model delivers 5000 lumens of brightness, and won’t appear faded in a bright room. It also has HDMI ports in case you want to insert some video clips to wake the people who are drifting off at the back of the room.

business projector4

Asus ZenBeam E1


If you want to go full-on in terms of portability, this Asus pocket projector is the one for you. It’s small and stylish look comes with 5 hours of battery life, so you shouldn’t need to plug it in unless your presentation is really going to be an epic one. It doesn’t have great brightness (150 lumens) as you would expect from such a small package, but it can project large enough images to make it a worthwhile option.

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Troubleshooting Tips for Projector Problems

We’ve all been there; ready to watch our favorite movie or deliver a crucial presentation, we click the button or flick the switch and… nothing happens. Projectors, like everything else in life, can go wrong sometimes. It can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you’re not immediately sure what is happening and what to do to resolve it.



Often the issues can be simple and quickly fixed, so here are some troubleshooting tips for some projector problems you may come across:



  • Spots on the screen: One of the most common issues are the spots and dots that can appear, which can affect the quality of what you’re projecting. It’s also one of the easiest to resolve. It’s caused by dirt and dust particles, usually on the green panel, and can be fixed by cleaning the area. Getting into the habit of regularly ensuring your projector is clean will minimize the chances of this problem reoccurring. Using a vacuum cleaner or to clear the filter is a great way to reduce the accumulation of dust. If cleaning doesn’t resolve things, there may be a bigger problem with your main board, which may need replacing.




  • The image brightness has faded: If the projector isn’t displaying as bright an image as you are used to, this could possibly be caused by the ambient light in the room. If not, the chances are that you need to replace the lamp. You can find the correct lamp for your projector model right here.



  • Images don’t appear square or don’t display fully: This is most likely because the projector isn’t angled correctly in front of the screen, so some minor adjustments will fix it quickly. If you are projecting from a computer or laptop, it could be that the resolutions don’t match, so you’ll need to adjust the resolution on your computer in order to match the projector.




  • There’s color around the edge of the image: This can happen on LCD projectors and is caused by a faulty LCD prism. These can be expensive to replace, so it might be worth considering whether a new projector would be more cost effective.



  • The projector overheats: This is another problem that can be caused by not properly looking after the projector and allowing dust to build up in the filter. It can also be the case that the fan has stopped working. If it’s the latter, you should be able to hear whether or not it’s still working, and then replace it if necessary. You may also need to consider where your projector is placed. Make sure to avoid direct sunlight.



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