Best Projectors for Watching a new lineup of Fall TV shows

Fall is here, which means we can rely on several things to happen. One of them is the stunning color changes in tree and plant leaves that draw tourists to woodlands and forests to see the sights, and the other is a load of new TV shows to keep the rest of us sitting comfortably on the couch!


red autumn in the park


Fall 2017 has brought some hugely exciting new shows to our screens, from “Star Trek: Discovery” to the sleazy new HBO show,  “The Deuce” and a Big Bang Theory spin-off called “Young Sheldon”. There’s something for everyone, so the questions are what you’re going to watch and with what kind of device?


TV shows are becoming just as captivating and visually appealing as the movies, so it often can feel like a waste of time to watch them on even a high-priced television as you’re still not experiencing them as they should be. If you’ve ever seen an advert for Game Of Thrones before watching the trailers at the cinema, you’ll know what we mean.


fall projector 2


Great new Fall TV shows look better with a projector, so here are the top models we recommend:

BenQ X12000


It’s not just the leaves that provide wonderful colors in the Fall; TV shows like “The Deuce” offer such a rich palette (autumnal browns and oranges!) but only if you’re watching with the right technology. This BenQ projector has an incredible 8.3 million distinct color pixels, which rivals what you get at the cinema, and it’s also got 4K resolution, which means you won’t find many better options for cozy nights and stunning picture quality.

fall projector 3

Sony VPL-VZ1000ES


Sony’s reputation for home entertainment is excellent and this 4K model has 60 frames a second video performance, so there won’t be any problems with stuttering or flickering when the action is getting intense between the Federation and the Klingons in “Star Trek: Discovery”. It has 2500 lumens of brightness, which should be fine in most rooms, especially on dark and gloomy Fall evenings.

fall projector 4

Epson EH-TW9300


If you can’t afford a 4K projector (after all, Christmas is coming and there’s all those gifts to buy) then that doesn’t mean you need to miss out on great picture quality for watching new shows. This LCD Epson model offers stunning video display via 4K enhancement and up-scaling of 1080p resolution with a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. It’s simple to set up and you can switch between aspect ratios easily if you’re flipping between shows and finding that it’s causing an issue.

fall projector 5

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Top projectors to aid in student learning

The new academic school year is underway so it’s time for college professors and lecturers to try and inform their students and keep them engaged. Aiding in student learning is one of the most traditional and popular uses for projectors because they offer the best way to display the necessary information to a larger audience.


learning 2

The days of simple overhead projectors being used in classrooms and lecture theaters are long gone, as modern projectors are much more sophisticated and powerful. They can be used to show a much wider range of information, including photos and videos which can be included in both lessons and lectures to really capture the attention of the learners.


learning 1


One of the first questions to ask yourself when choosing a projector is whether you need it to be a special type for a specific task or an all-rounder used for a variety of applications. It’s best to work out exactly what you will be using it for.


Here’s our list of the top projectors to aid in student learning:


Viewsonic Pro 8520HD


In lecture halls and classrooms, you can’t be completely sure how dark you will need to make it, especially as students will need to be able to see while they take notes. So this means you need a projector that will generate enough brightness to shine through and still look impressive. This ViewSonic model has 5000 lumens, which means that it will power through almost any level of natural light and still hold your students’ attention.

learning 3


BenQ MH741


As a powerful all-round model, you can’t do much better than this BenQ version, which can be used to show pictures and video just as impressively as it does for slide show presentations. It’s powerful with 4000 lumens of brightness, it won’t let you down in most rooms you’d be using it in, and it’s built for showing data and images for presentations, so you can expect excellent, crisp text quality.
learning 4

Epson EH-TW9300


If images are important to you for lectures or lessons, this 4K Enhanced projector is set up to deliver much better picture quality than 1080p with amazingly crisp images and warm colors that will enhance any image you want to display. It will still do a good job with regular educational information but you’ll really wow your students with the higher quality images. The only downside is that it’s expensive, but if you can sway the holders of the purse strings, it will be well worth it.

learning 5

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Tips for Replacing your Projector Lamp

Projectors generally offer many hours of great service, whether you use them for business, education or entertainment, but all good things must come to an end. Even the best and most high quality lamps will need replacing eventually.


Lamp stream

If you’re a first time projector owner, this can be a daunting time, as you might not know exactly what to do or even if your lamp actually needs replacing. And if it does, how do you go about replacing it with a new one?

Below are some great tips to keep in mind!


Does your lamp need replacing?


No bulb lasts forever, so of course the same goes for the one in your projector. All projectors need a light source, so when your lamp starts to flicker or dim, it may be nearing the end of it’s time. The most obvious sign that your lamp needs replacing is when you switch on the projector and there’s no picture, but this can be a little late for notice if you haven’t bought a new one yet and need to use your projector right away.


So it’s better to be able to spot the signs earlier than that. Here are some other things to look out for:


  • Some projectors make it easy for you by having a warning light that comes on or flashes when the bulb is on its way out, so look out for a model that does this and double-check yours to see if this is something you can expect to happen. Other projectors may display a message on the screen when the bulb needs replacing, so there are various options.


  • Keep an eye on the picture quality and brightness. If it starts to flicker or the image starts to waver, this is usually a sign that the bulb needs replacing.


projector settings

Something to bear in mind is that there can be signs that your bulb’s time is running out, but there might not actually be anything wrong with your bulb. There are plenty of other potential causes, so make sure you investigate if you’re not sure.


Buying a replacement bulb is never a waste of money, because you will need to replace it at some point, but it’s better to know where to find one before it happens.


How to replace your bulb


Each projector has its own settings and is designed differently. So ideally you’ll want to read and follow any instructions that you’ve received with the unit, but here are the basic steps:


  • Make sure your projector is switched off and unplugged AND that it’s cooled down after usage
  • Using a screwdriver, remove the the panel
  • Remove the lamp compartment door
  • Being careful not to touch it with your bare hands, remove the lamp and clean around the area
  • Insert the new lamp and screw the module in place
  • Reset the lamp timer if appropriate



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Review of the top projectors from summer 2017

These are exciting times in the projector market as more and more people come to appreciate what projectors can offer for both business and home entertainment settings. Technological improvements are also ensuring that what they can offer is improving almost on a monthly basis, meaning that projectors today are a long ways away from what you might remember just a few years ago.

summer 1


This rapid pace of change and the diversity of options out there do mean that it can be a daunting task trying to find the right model to meet your needs, especially as they’re all set up to perform at their best with certain functions. You need to know exactly what you want to do with your projector and what to expect from it before you can know which one is best suited for you.


summer 2


Once you have a good idea of this information, be sure to have a look below at the top projectors on the market from the summer of 2017:


Optoma ZU850


This model was launched in late spring and has many dramatic improvements on its predecessors and competition, including what Optoma have called MultiColor Laser technology, which means it has an extra red laser that improves performance and color. It’s also got over 100 settings to help you get the exact picture you require, and offers 20,000 hours of light, even on the brightest setting.

summer 3


Sony VPL-VZ1000ES


This 4K model from Sony delivers 2500 lumens and 60 frames a second of video performance, making it one of the best for home cinema when you take into account it’s high resolution. There’s lots of 4K projectors out there, but Sony is a brand you can trust and this model is arguably their best value for the price and anyone looking for that cinema experience in their living room.


summer 4


BenQ X12000


However, there’s also this impressive BenQ projector, which also offers the full 4K picture quality but also has an incredible 8.3 million distinct color pixels (try counting them), which puts it right up there along with some of the best actual cinema technology out there. It’s not cheap of course, but if you’re a real film buff who wants to see films exactly as they’re meant to be seen, this might be the one for you.

summer 5

ViewSonic PJD7720HD


You don’t need to spend a lot to get great picture quality, and while this ViewSonic model certainly won’t deliver the same quality as the two mentioned above, it will still give you full HD resolution. It also has 3200 lumens which will be bright enough for most rooms and while the relatively low price tag does mean that you’re compensating in some areas, it’s still an excellent way to dip your toes into the projector market.

summer 6



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Best Projector Features for Showing a Slide Show at a Family Function

At large birthday parties and weddings, it always adds an extra personal touch to be able to display family photos on a greater scale. There’s always a lot of waiting around at these types of events, so a slideshow that has a good mixture of sweet and funny pictures, means that people will have something to help pass the time and spark off conversations with other friends or family members in attendance.


event projector 1

At a wedding, it’s also possible to display photos of the day itself at the reception, which can be particularly impressive if the official photographer offers it as part of their service and you are able to showcase some spectacular pictures in high quality on a supersized screen.




Here are some of the best features for projecting a slide show at a family function:


Brightness – The first thing you always need to think about with a projector is the brightness it offers in relation to the ambient light in the room you are using. If the projector isn’t bright enough, your photos will look washed-out and unimpressive, completely lacking the effect you are hoping to achieve. If you are using the slideshow as a side attraction during the function, you will be keeping the room quite bright, so you’ll need at least 5000 lumens of brightness to meet your requirements.

projector conference 1


Connectability – If you are intending to show wedding photos that have been taken the same day, you’ll need to make sure that the projector you are using can connect to whatever you have the photos stored on, whether it’s directly to a camera, laptop, MacBook or even a tablet.



Picture quality – Different projectors have different strengths and weaknesses, so you need to look for one that emphasizes photo quality over the ability to show videos, play games or display information and data. You may well find one that does more than one of these, but there’s no point splashing out for one that will make a popular movie look spectacular if it makes your childhood photos look dreadful.


Lamp life & a fan – You may well be using the projector all afternoon and evening if your slideshow is meant to be seen throughout the function, so you need a projector that won’t break down because the lamp has burnt out or the whole thing has overheated. Look for one with a long lamp life and a good – and hopefully not noisy – fan to keep things cool.


event projector 2


Whichever projector model you decide to use at a family function, you will eventually need to replace the lamp, so make sure you bookmark MyProjectorLamps! We offer the largest assortment in the country of high-quality replacement lamps at low, affordable prices. Shop with us today and save!