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Best projectors for Holiday Gatherings

The holiday party season is in full swing, but if you’re still thinking of upgrading your entertainment options before friends and family arrive, you should consider getting a projector. There are many things you can do with the right model to liven up your parties, as well as for screening all your favorite Christmas movies and even bringing your festive New Year’s decorations to life.
You can use a projector inside or outside your home to wow your guests (and neighbors) with festive displays projected onto the walls, whether they are old photos or videos of your own, or apps you can download with festive lighting displays. If your parties include some gaming, you can use a projector to supersize the picture so everyone feels immersed in the action.
Here’s a look at some of the best projectors available to use for holiday parties:

Epson BrightLink 536Wi

With a brightness of 3400 lumens that will deliver impressive pictures against any kind of ambient light, this short throw projector offers a large, high quality image even in a smaller room, which makes it very flexible for use at Christmas or New Year’s parties as it will perform well both indoors or outdoors. The image quality is excellent for what is also a reasonably inexpensive model and it will definitely bring a load of festive fun.


Optoma GT1080

This Optoma model is a great all-round projector that works very well for lots of things you might want to try out at a holiday party, including video games. It’s short throw lens feature also means that it can project a 100 inch picture from just 3.5 feet away, making it ideal for tight spaces and crowded rooms. The last thing you need is for your guests to be getting in the way of the picture when they are mingling. It also comes with an excellent built-in audio system if you want to avoid the hassle of hooking up external speakers too.

BenQ X12000

The Christmas season is a colorful time and you’ll want any displays created by your projector to capture all the reds, greens and golds, etc, but this will only be effective if you’re using the right technology. This BenQ projector has an incredible 8.3 million distinct color pixels and 4K resolution, which makes it ideal for stunning your guests with amazing festive imagery, as well as for watching festive TV shows and movies.
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Projector Ideas for Halloween!

Halloween is almost here and it’s time to get creative and spooky with your projectors! Every year, Halloween seems to become bigger and more spectacular. That means added pressure to compete everything on time when it comes to decorations and parties. There’s a whole marketplace out there offering expensive ways to bring your house to life (or back to life) for this time of the year, but could owning a  projector prove to become your secret weapon?
halloween 2

Projectors have a rich horror movie history themselves, right up to this year’s smash hit movie, “It”, which features a projector in one of its most terrifying scenes. There’s something inherently creepy about the flickering image of an old-school projector. Even the most modern models still have that ability to conjure an atmosphere that a regular television can’t provide.
That makes Halloween a fantastic time to own a projector capable of showing movies and images. Below are some ideas on how you can use yours for some spook-tacular fun:

Projecting images onto your house

You can decorate your house in very elaborate ways for Halloween, but there’s only so many variations out there, so most houses end up looking the same. If you have a large enough space on the side of your house, why not use your projector to light it up with chilling imagery, whether it’s the girl climbing out of the well from The Ring or Michael Myers lurking in someone’s garden. You’ll be the talk of the trick or treaters for sure.

Movie time

Halloween is a time for movies. There’s plenty of scary movies you can watch at this time of year, with ten films in the “Halloween” franchise alone, not to mention all the old Universal classic monster flicks. So why not project them onto your house (this was done to great effect in the new Netflix horror movie “The Babysitter” – despite the fact they were watching a Western instead) or onto a large screen or sheet outside. You can wrap up warm with hot drinks and gather friends and family together for a spooky favorite.

Just for fun

There’s plenty of other fun ways you can use a projector at Halloween, including the use of gaming for kids young and old. There are certainly enough zombie video games out there to ensure that any Halloween party is – literally – a blast. Or there’s more traditional games that can be enhanced with projection or the kind that modern photo filter apps can provide, letting you turn your guests into monsters and projecting their new face on the big screen.
halloween 4
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Top Projectors for Multi-Player Gaming

When projectors were invented, nobody had video games in mind for what they would be getting used for, but it’s becoming an increasingly popular combination of home entertainment technologies. With the right kind of projector, both hardcore and casual gamers can maximize their experience and make their games even more immersive by supersizing the visuals.
gaming 1
Even better is when you can use a projector for a multi-player gaming night or to make a party that much more memorable. Playing split-screen games on a normal TV screen has never quite been satisfying, because of how small each player’s section of the screen ends up being, so why not get everyone – even spectators – more immersed with a huge, high quality projection?
gaming 2
Below is our list of the top recommended projectors to use for multi-player gaming.

Optoma GT1080

This Optoma model is a great all-around projector that works very well with video games. With 2800 lumens of brightness, an HD image and 25,000:1 contrast ratio it won’t let you down visually. Having a short throw lens also means that it can project a 100 inch picture from just 3.5 feet away, making it ideal for tight spaces like man caves or basements. It also comes with an excellent built-in sound system if you want to avoid having to hook up external speakers as well.
gaming 3


This model is more expensive, but it really delivers incredible quality when it comes to both video and games, whether in 2D or 3D. It doesn’t have quite the brightness of the Optoma projector, with 1800 lumens, but will still meet the standards for most rooms that you would likely play games in. The Motionflow technology means an impressive frame rate to ensure that motion (wait for it…) flows naturally without affecting your gaming.
gaming 4

BenQ W1210ST

This is another excellent short throw model (capable of a 100 inch picture from nearly 5 feet away) that comes with a decent price tag and excellent image quality. It’s got 2200 lumens of brightness and an impressive input lag time that means you won’t be cursing it when things get intense in your games. It also has good sound quality available, making it a great choice for anyone looking for something close to the complete package.
gaming 4

Epson EH-TW9300

Of course, the ideal for every gamer would be a 4K image, but the price tag for those projectors is still quite off-putting. However, you can get an image that comes close to 4K without breaking the bank and this Epson model delivers that with its LCD technology. It’s still costly and is big enough to be a permanent fixture in the room, but if you want your games to look better than real life and wow your guests, this might be the one you need.
gaming 5
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Top Projectors for Fast-Paced Action Films

For many of us, the appeal of having a projector at home is to be able to watch movies in the most epic, cinematic way possible without the sticky floors and noisy patrons of a real movie theater. The problem is that most modern blockbusters are visually stunning feasts of special effects and fast-paced action, and some projectors can’t cope, leaving you frustrated and choking on your popcorn.
action 1
So what you need is a projector which can cope with the speed of whichever explosive motion picture you’re watching, whether it’s Star Wars, Guardians Of The Galaxy or The Fast And The Furious. Here are some of the top projectors for fast-paced action films:

Epson Home Cinema 2040 3D 1080p 3LCD Projector

Buying a 3D 3LCD Projector with a resolution of 1080 pixels isn’t cheap, but this Epson model is affordable without losing any of the reliability or power. There’s no rainbow effects showing up, no matter how colorful and spectacular the action on screen is and it has a short lag time so you won’t be flustered no matter how fast the pixels are flying. It has good brightness for rooms with ambient lighting and is just a great all-round model.
action 2

Optoma GT1080

The differences between modern movies and modern video games are getting smaller and smaller, so it’s certainly worth looking at projectors that are targeted at gamers when you want to find one that will play your favorite movies the way that looks best. Like action movies, games are fast paced and need a short lag time, otherwise they are almost unplayable/unwatchable, and this Optoma model is ideal, especially if you like video games as much as action movies.
action 3

BenQ HT1085ST

One of the most popular home entertainment models out there at the moment, this BenQ short throw projector is perfect for smaller rooms where you still want to create a large and great quality image. Short throw projectors like this one are ideal for home entertainment set-ups because of the ease with which you can fit it into any room layout without having leads going across the room. It may not have quite as high definition as some of the others, and will have some rainbow artifacts at times, but it is still more than effective enough to blow you away when you’re watching the Avengers.
action 4

Vivitek H1186-WT

Another excellent model that works well for both fast paced action movies and video games, this Vivitek projector offers 1080 pixels of resolution in both 2D and 3D and while it does sometimes have issues with rainbow artifacts, it has the short lag time required, one of the shortest you’ll find in any projector. It’s also very customizable for day time or night time viewing, making it a flexible and effective model that will give good service for home entertainment, no matter how fast and furious your movies might be.
action 5
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Top 5 Projector Models for 2016

Home theaters are becoming more and more popular. Consequently, many are choosing to equip their entertainment space with projectors in lieu of flat screen televisions. As a result, projector manufacturers are making them more compact and user-friendly.
Along with television and movie watching, today’s projectors must also be suitable for video gaming. The top 5 projectors on the market today offer many features that improve picture and image quality. They include:
1.) BenQ W1085ST DLP – A great option for the consumer using a tight budget, the BenQ W1085ST DLP provides a variety of features that make it ideal for home theaters. Along with picture clarity and color sharpness, it offers 3D capability. This projector can be purchased for around $1,000.
projector 1
2.) The Sony VPLVW365ES – One of the rare projectors with 4K resolution, the Sony VPLVW365ES is top of the line in home theater equipment. Offering quality resolution and average lumens, it offers clear imaging. And with special Motionflow, it is ideal for video gaming. This projector is available for around $10,000.
3.) Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5030UB – The Epson name is known for producing quality home and office projectors. Priced at just over $2,000, this projector is a good option for brighter rooms. It provides quality imaging with color richness including brighter and deeper hues. With 3D capability, it comes with 2 pairs of 3D glasses.
4.) The Optoma HD26 – Featuring lots of brightness and a high contrast ratio, you’ll get great pictures from this projector. It further offers 3D capability making it a good choice for gamers. The Optoma HD26 is also lightweight and affordable.
projector45.) JVC DLA-X700R – Another 4K resolution projector, this model is a little pricey. But with many upgraded features, it’s well worth the cost. Equipped with HDMI ports and a high contrast ratio, it offers quality pictures for movie watching, video game enjoyment and computer imaging.
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4 Factors To Consider When Buying a Video Game Projector

Today’s projectors have elevated the gaming experience to all new levels. But if you’re considering purchasing a projector for video gaming, not just any projector will do.

Gaming on A Projector
Gaming on A Projector

In fact, gaming projectors hug the line between home theater projectors and business presentation projectors. That means gaming projectors need to be able to project data images and video images. Many projectors designed for “home entertainment” meet this requirement, and increasingly, there are projectors that are designed just for gamers. There are many options available today. So how can you decide? To choose the best video game projector, you need to consider resolution, brightness, refresh rate and contrast.

 Native Projector Resolution

Today’s video games are becoming more and more cinematic, and that’s why resolution is so important. XGA and SVGA projectors, which were well in the classroom or for business presentations, just won’t cut it for gaming. For the best results, opt for a true HD projector, with a native 1080p resolution. This will ensure the best image quality, and the good news is Full HD gaming projectors are becoming more and more affordable. There are tons of options with 1080p native resolution, including the BenQ HT1075 and the Panasonic AR100U.

Panasonic AR100U
Panasonic AR100U


Projector Brightness

Brightness is determined on two factors: ambient light in your game room and the size of the screen you want to project. For instance, if you’re gaming room receives a fair amount of sunlight during the day, you’ll need to opt for a brighter projector. Projectors with brightness ratings of 3,000 lumens or greater would be necessary for a space with tons of natural light. If you’re in a very dark room, you can choose sometime less bright.  The Optoma GT1080 is one option that provides excellent image results in a variety of settings.
Plus, screen size also helps determine the brightness you will need. One rule of thumb: Larger screen sizes require brighter projectors. So if you want a massive image – who doesn’t when gaming – you’ll need a brighter projector, especially in spaces with lots of ambient light. The largest screens of 100+ inches or greater require brighter projectors, rated at 3,000 lumens or higher. Smaller screen from 50-100 inches can be supported by a projector rated at between 1,000 and 2,000 lumens.

Projector Refresh Rate

Refresh rate – or the speed at which your projector processes video – is especially important in gaming. A better refresh rate results in more detailed, continuously flowing images. Many projectors are designed with specific gaming modes, which boost refresh rate for gaming or 3D video.  As for specific refresh rates, 120Hz is a good benchmark, although the next level up 240Hz may be better suited for gaming. If the budget allows, a faster refresh rate is generally better.

Projector Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio is a measure of color contrast, and it’s important in gaming because many games have varied color ranges. That means your projector needs to handle very dark moments, as well as brighter images during game play. Projectors with lower contrast ratios won’t display images as crisply and detail may be lost in the shadows. The greater the contrast ratio, the better and brighter the image will be. For gaming, a 100,000:1 ratio or better will provide the best image results, but these projectors also cost more. Or something in the 40,000:1 contrast ratio range is another alternative. is your source for low-cost replacement projector lamps. Whether you need a replacement projector bulb for your gaming or home theater projector, you’ll find the best price and selection here.