Projectors for Wedding Receptions

Use today’s technology to create an interesting and exciting photo or video presentation at your wedding reception! With the right projector and screen, you can choose to show baby photos of the bride and groom, or a video showcasing the proposal. Whatever you choose to show, you’ll want to make sure the equipment you use is high quality and suitable for the occasion.




To start, it might be easiest to opt for a venue that already has a built-in projector screen. Nonetheless, this may not always be possible. If not, you can purchase or rent a portable screen that can be easily set up and taken down at the end of the event.


More importantly, you will need a projector that offers clear photos and easy viewing. When buying or renting a projector, look for the following features to share your slideshow:


  • For brightness and clarity, you will need your projector to have 3,000 lumens or more.


  • Will you be showing photos or a video? If you simply want to show a series of photos, you can get by with basic SVGA resolution. However, videos will require a more advanced projector. Your best option for video performance would be one with HD capabilities. Although, WXGA may suffice.


  • If you want the best technology available, you may want to choose an LCD projector. They offer the brightest and most clear images although they may be more costly.

Along with choosing the right projector and screen, you’ll need to arrange your seating at the reception in a way that allows for all guests to see and enjoy your slideshow. You’ll also need to have the proper cables (USB connectors, power cord ect.) to connect your projector to your computer or DVD player.




Finally, be sure to test out everything prior to your wedding day. Take notes on how to connect everything so that it will go smoothly on the day of the event.


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Tips for Replacing a Projector Lamp

Your projector is smart and will let you know when your lamp needs replacing. However, it can seem intimidating at first to replace a projector lamp if you’ve never done it before. Don’t fret. We’ve put together some simple steps to help you complete the process.




1.) Make sure your projector and any connected devices are turned off.


2.) Let your projector cool down (about 40 minutes), then unplug it completely for added safety.


3.) Collect essential tools including a screwdriver and a pair of rags.


4.) Follow instructions set in your projector manual to open the projector. To protect the inside, be sure to use a rag to clean off the projector before opening.


5.) Access the lamp housing unit.


6.) Gently and carefully remove the lamp using your clean rag. Why? These bulbs are very fragile and delicate. The rag will act as a buffer between you and the bulb. Note that some units may have a lever that will make it easier to remove the bulb. Check your manual before beginning this process.


7.) Once removed, you can now install your new lamp. Make sure it is securely in place and that the wiring is re-attached if required on your model. 


8.) Finally, reset the lamp hour counter or timer to get your new projector lamp up and running. To do this, simply find the reset button then press and hold it for a few seconds.


9.) Close your projector and turn it on to test your new bulb.


It may be tempting to delay replacing your bulb, but note that you will likely only have a few hours left of viewing after your warning light comes on. Therefore, it is wise to have an extra bulb in stock before the warning light comes on.



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Top 5 Projectors for Video Games

Today’s home theaters offer more than just movie watching. Many families spend some of their leisure time playing video games as part of their evening or weekend activities.




Although a flat screen television will suffice for gaming, there is nothing like enjoying the action on a large projector screen. Consequently, many manufacturers have invested time and resources in creating projectors designed specifically for gaming.

Here are the top five on our list:


The Optoma GT750E – Historically known for game play use, the most recent gaming Optoma projector does not disappoint. With 3D capabilities, you can play a variety of games on this system. Equipped with exceptional audio quality, the game will appear even more realistic. Other features of this projector include above average brightness and a short throw lens.



BenQ W1080ST – Lightweight, this projector is very mobile. It provides many options for easily connecting your game console to your projector. It also displays a variety of colors and offers exceptional brightness for quality imaging. This system is also very affordable.


The Epson Series including the Powerlite Home Cinema 3010e and the MegaPlex MG-850HD. User-friendly, these projectors can be easily hooked up to any gaming system via their HDMI connection. Both projectors offer exceptional imaging and video quality for viewing both vibrant and dark colors.




ViewSonic PJD7828HDL Light Stream – Featuring HD capabilities, this projector is a great deal for the price. Along with 3200 lumens, it features SuperColor Technology for better videos and imaging. Easy to set-up, it includes two HDMI ports for gaming systems and other devices.



LELEC – LE 50 Projector – The most portable in the group, this projector can be moved outside for gaming parties. Easy to operate, it offers many options for connectivity. You can connect a number of devices to this system at one time. Perfect for home theaters, it offers exceptional and clear imaging, especially in darker lit rooms. It also comes at an affordable price.



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Top 5 Projector Models for 2016

Home theaters are becoming more and more popular. Consequently, many are choosing to equip their entertainment space with projectors in lieu of flat screen televisions. As a result, projector manufacturers are making them more compact and user-friendly.




Along with television and movie watching, today’s projectors must also be suitable for video gaming. The top 5 projectors on the market today offer many features that improve picture and image quality. They include:


1.) BenQ W1085ST DLP – A great option for the consumer using a tight budget, the BenQ W1085ST DLP provides a variety of features that make it ideal for home theaters. Along with picture clarity and color sharpness, it offers 3D capability. This projector can be purchased for around $1,000.

projector 1


2.) The Sony VPLVW365ES – One of the rare projectors with 4K resolution, the Sony VPLVW365ES is top of the line in home theater equipment. Offering quality resolution and average lumens, it offers clear imaging. And with special Motionflow, it is ideal for video gaming. This projector is available for around $10,000.



3.) Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5030UB – The Epson name is known for producing quality home and office projectors. Priced at just over $2,000, this projector is a good option for brighter rooms. It provides quality imaging with color richness including brighter and deeper hues. With 3D capability, it comes with 2 pairs of 3D glasses.


4.) The Optoma HD26 – Featuring lots of brightness and a high contrast ratio, you’ll get great pictures from this projector. It further offers 3D capability making it a good choice for gamers. The Optoma HD26 is also lightweight and affordable.

projector45.) JVC DLA-X700R – Another 4K resolution projector, this model is a little pricey. But with many upgraded features, it’s well worth the cost. Equipped with HDMI ports and a high contrast ratio, it offers quality pictures for movie watching, video game enjoyment and computer imaging.



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Benefit of Using a Projector Compared to an LCD Television

Many movie watchers and television fans are opting for a projector in lieu of an LCD television. One reason is due to the increase in the number of home entertainment rooms that include comfortable seating inside a movie theater-style environment.




Nonetheless, there are many other reasons why projectors are preferred over flat screen televisions. Although both provide clear images and great picture quality, projectors provide many benefits over that of an LCD television such as:


  • The projector allows for viewing on a larger screen (about 102 inches compared to 60 or less with a television). Great for movie nights or for watching sporting events.


  • Today’s projectors are lightweight and therefore can be transported from room to room for added convenience.


  • Projectors are less costly than most LCD televisions. However, the initial cost of installation and set-up can be pricey.


  • Projectors work easily with your computer or tablet.


  • Pictures come alive in more detail for better visibility, as the projector allows for image adjusting.


  • Projectors and projector screens can be folded up and hidden away when not in use allowing for a more tidy and open living space.


  • 3D and 4K projectors are now available to offer the best picture resolution.




Projectors are ideal for families that frequently host gatherings or watch movies. In the past, many have shied away from projectors thinking the devices might be too complex or difficult to use. However, with new advancements in technology, they are becoming more and more user-friendly. Televisions were also preferred in the past for smaller rooms or for rooms that were very brightly lit, but today’s projectors offer many features that still allow for clear, quality viewing despite these hindrances.


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