Benefit of Using a Projector Compared to an LCD Television

Many movie watchers and television fans are opting for a projector in lieu of an LCD television. One reason is due to the increase in the number of home entertainment rooms that include comfortable seating inside a movie theater-style environment.




Nonetheless, there are many other reasons why projectors are preferred over flat screen televisions. Although both provide clear images and great picture quality, projectors provide many benefits over that of an LCD television such as:


  • The projector allows for viewing on a larger screen (about 102 inches compared to 60 or less with a television). Great for movie nights or for watching sporting events.


  • Today’s projectors are lightweight and therefore can be transported from room to room for added convenience.


  • Projectors are less costly than most LCD televisions. However, the initial cost of installation and set-up can be pricey.


  • Projectors work easily with your computer or tablet.


  • Pictures come alive in more detail for better visibility, as the projector allows for image adjusting.


  • Projectors and projector screens can be folded up and hidden away when not in use allowing for a more tidy and open living space.


  • 3D and 4K projectors are now available to offer the best picture resolution.




Projectors are ideal for families that frequently host gatherings or watch movies. In the past, many have shied away from projectors thinking the devices might be too complex or difficult to use. However, with new advancements in technology, they are becoming more and more user-friendly. Televisions were also preferred in the past for smaller rooms or for rooms that were very brightly lit, but today’s projectors offer many features that still allow for clear, quality viewing despite these hindrances.


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Projectors for Bright Rooms

Can’t get that dark theater space you’ve been longing for? No fear. You can still have great movie and sports viewings in well-lit rooms. Whether for a home theater or public space such as an apartment clubhouse, church sanctuary or golf club lounge, there are many projectors that are made specifically for well-lit rooms. Conference rooms and classrooms may also be brightly lit which could cause some viewing problems.


bright room


Today’s projectors offer more diversity, clarity and picture sharpness. And if your room doesn’t allow for mounting or installing a projector, you can simply place the projector on a table or cart for viewing. Deciding not to mount the projector will also let you use it in multiple places. The same is true for the projector screen, it can be installed or you can opt for a portable one.




Often projectors used for larger spaces will suffice for brighter rooms. Or you can opt for a DLP or LCD projector. Some features to look for when shopping for a projector to be used for a well-lit room include:


  • Lens shift or adjustable lens for repositioning the image.


  • High lumens (preferably over 3000 for bright rooms).


  • HD capabilities for certain movies or sporting events.


  • LED or laser lighting technology for consistent brightness (preferred but not required).


  • 1080p resolution.


Several projectors that meet or exceed these expectations include:


  • The Home Cinema 1040 (for home use, very economical)


  • ViewSonic Pro 8600 or 8520HD (good for offices, conference or classrooms)


  • InFocus IN126STa (also economical)


  • Optoma HD141X (portable)


  • Pro Cinema 1985WU (for commercial use)


To enhance imaging, a special projector screen is also necessary. This should be a projector screen that absorbs light such as a black screen, one with front projection or ALR (Ambient Light Rejection) capabilities. All of these screens claim to improve image quality in brightly lit rooms.


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Using Projectors for Museum Displays and Other Creative Presentations

Visuals are important to the learning process. Consequently, most educational institutions now use projectors as teaching aids. Learning recreational facilities such as museums, zoos, planetariums and aquariums can also benefit from the use of projectors. This is especially true when it comes to setting up displays and exhibits.




You’ll want to make sure that your presenting images are clear and easy to view. To do this, you’ll need to purchase the right projector for your specific needs.




Lighting often varies in museums and aquariums. Therefore, it’s important to choose a projector that can work in rooms that are really dark or saturated with light. To ensure good images in all types of lighting, you should choose a projector with a minimum of 3000 lumens. A projector with 3000 lumens or more can also work for outdoor presentations.





Portability is also important. Choose a projector that is both small and lightweight so that you can easily move it from room to room. You may consider choosing a larger projector if the device will be mounted in an auditorium or other permanent exhibit area.


A Short Throw Lens

Next, look for a projector with a built-in short throw lens. This is an important feature to have while visitors walk in and out of exhibits or presentations at these facilities. A short throw lens will allow the projector to be really close to the screen without distorting the image. This will prevent people from walking between the screen and the projector and thus blocking the picture.



You’ll want to be able to connect your projector to other sources such as computers and DVD players. To ensure connectivity to other equipment, your projector should have video, audio and HDMI inputs.


Quiet Operation and Low Maintenance

Finally, make sure the projector you choose is quiet and will not disrupt the enjoyment of your exhibit. Other features including a long bulb life and no hassle set-up are important to consider as well.


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The Best Projectors for Summer Camps

Summer is just around the corner and many organizations have started preparation for hosting summer camps. As you plan activities, remember that today’s kids are very much intrigued by learning through technology. And although summer camp is usually more about outdoor fun and recreation, incorporating technology in your program will be a smart move to keep participants interested and engaged.




A number of possible ways you can use a projector in your summer program include:


  • Outdoor Movie Night - Enjoy an array of entertaining movies after the sun goes down. For easy viewing, you’ll want to make sure your projector offers lots of light (that is over 2000 lumens) and HD capability for better imaging and clear resolution.



  • Learning and Instruction Such as Showing an Exercise Video – this can be a great way for kids to engage in learning through the use of movement and can help provide some direction during the program.


  • Reading an E-Book to a Large Group – some e-book applications can be hooked up to a projector using an HDMI output


  • Playing Video Games - Play a variety of games outdoors with a projector and screen. To do this, your projector will need to have an HDMI connection for your video player.


  • Showing Slide Shows – this can be a fun, interactive activity which can be used to tell a story or help children learn.


When selecting a projector, you’ll want to choose one that is portable. It will also need to be hardy, durable and able to withstand frequent use. Additionally, it will need to have 2-3 ports for possible connections to computers, DVD players and gaming systems. Finally, it must be suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor environments, and should offer 2,000 lumens or more for better visibility. Some great projector choices for summer camps include:



  • ViewSonic PJD5533W – provides good resolution and brightness, and has plenty of connectivity choices for a value-priced data projector.


  • Optoma HD20 or HD71 - This is easily enough light for a 135″ diagonal screen in a room with good light control, or a 100″ diagonal screen in a room with some ambient light. Even more noteworthy, the HD20’s Cinema mode still delivers a substantial 505 lumens, even in low lamp mode. So you get a very bright image and longer lamp life all at once.


  • Epson MovieMate 72 – The MovieMate 72 integrates an LCD-based projector, DVD player, audio system, and stereo speakers into a single box. Almost all you have to do to set it up is plug it in, point it at a screen—or a blank wall in a pinch—and insert a DVD.


  • Panasonic PT-AX200U – this projector offers a few new features at a much lower price. Most of the specs are still the same-2000 ANSI lumens maximum light output, 1280x720p resolution LCD panels, and a very quiet fan. It is a video projector uniquely designed for a wide range of home entertainment uses.



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The Top 10 Projector Features for Low-Lit Sports Bars

Friends and co-workers enjoy gathering at sports bars to watch a variety of games. This is especially true when it comes to championship games such as the Super Bowl, World Series and the Stanley Cup Playoffs.


Gone are the days of watching games on big screen televisions. Instead, most sports bars have opted for a projector for better picture quality. Additionally, they work better in low-lit rooms such as bars or nightclubs and are actually more cost-effective in the end.




If your room has limited lighting, you can get by with a projector that has less brightness or lumens. However, you will need a projector with 3500 or more lumens if you have or plan to work with a really large projector screen.


Other features to look for when choosing a projector for your low-lit sports bar include:


  • Full HD. This will ensure quality pictures and will allow you to view programming in high definition.


  • Zooming capabilities will give you the ability to zoom in on an image.


  • Closed optics. Especially important in restaurants or bars where smoking is allowed.


  • Short-throw ratio. Crucial for small or tight spaces.


  • Lens shift feature which allows you to move the lens without having to move the projector.


  • Projector video inputs. HDMI is recommended for optimum picture quality. Wireless is preferred.


  • Long lamp life (at least 2000 hours).


  • Higher contrast ratio for better color detail.


  • 3D viewing capabilities.


  • Lightweight for portability (if needed).


Prices for these projectors range from $1000 to up to $8000.

Finally, if smoking is allowed in your bar, you might want to consider investing in a gray screen as opposed to a white one. Gray screens will not stain as quickly as white ones although they are most often used in well-lit spaces. Also, you will need to budget and make plans for an amplified or speaker system.


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