Top Projectors for Watching the New NHL Season

Hockey is a game that offers lots of excitement with plenty of movement and intensity. While watching your favorite match-ups this season, you don’t want to miss a second of the action! You’ll also want to view high definition details and enjoy high quality sound to experience the full game day environment.




The NHL offers the best matches in the sport of hockey. With the season starting soon, it’s time to get ready for game night!


Projectors are all the rave in today’s home theaters because they let you watch your favorite shows on a larger screen. However, watching hockey on these screens can be a challenge unless you have the right projector. This is due to the fast movement as well as the difficulty viewing the black puck against the white background. When choosing a projector for this NHL season, look for the following features:


  • 4K Projection (the best but full HD capability is acceptable)


  • Detail Enhancement and Sharpening Features


  • CFI (for easier viewing of fast action)


  • Lens Shift


  • HDMI Connections


  • 2200 or More Lumens


  • Deep Blacks


Some projectors to consider include:


1.) The Sony VPL-VW350ES – Offers 4k projection for exceptional viewing of all kinds of sports. It is also ideal for watching shows on extra-large screens.


2.) The Optoma HD50 Home Theater Projector – Provides full HD and 3D support along with frame interpolation and vertical lens shift.

Optoma HD50


Optoma HD50


3.) The Optoma GT1080 – A short throw projector, it is ideal for smaller spaces such as apartments or condominiums.


4.) The Panasonic PT-AE8000U – This 3D capable projector also offers smooth screen technology and an advanced optimal system.

Panasonic ptae8000u

Panasonic PT-AE8000U


5.) The JVC DLA-X700R – Although not quite as pricey as the Sony VPL-VW350ES, this projector provides exceptional picture quality and contrast.


Once you’ve purchased your projector, you’ll also need to invest in surround sound to improve audio quality. There are many speaker options available that come in smaller sizes which still provide great sound.  Enjoy the season!


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Tips for Installing a Home Theater inside a Basement or Living Room

Whether in a living room, basement or other location, a home theater is often the most popular hang-out spot for entertainment viewing. Along with being a place to gather for movie night, it also provides an exciting way to watch and enjoy basketball, hockey, football and other sports.


Make your home theater a stylish and comfortable meeting space for family and friends with the following set up tips and ideas:


The Projector – Choose the right projector for your space. Begin by assessing the amount of light in the room. If you have lots of light, you’ll need a projector with more lumens or brightness.




Seating – Cozy seating is important for setting up a comfortable home theater. Arrange for comfortable seats with quality back support such as stadium chairs or recliner sofas.


theatre seating


The Screen – Choose your projector screen based upon the amount of light in your room. For example, white screens are best for basement theaters while a gray screen will show images best in rooms with lots of light. Another important thing to keep in mind, is the screen size should be determined by the square footage of your room.


Sound – External speakers provide a great way to ensure you have quality sound in your home theater. For even better sound, place speakers in the corner of the room and on the side of your seating area.




Lighting – Minimize lighting when watching movies or games with black-out curtains or room darkening blinds.


Projector Placement – If you plan to use your projector in multiple rooms, you’ll want to opt for a lightweight, compact and portable one. Temporarily place your projector on an AV cart or small coffee table when in use. However, when possible, you should consider mounting it on your ceiling for saving space and added convenience.


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How to Choose the Right Projector for Sports Viewing

Heading into the final week of Major League Baseball, many are contemplating how they will watch the 2016 post-season and beloved World Series. If you are a bar owner, this can be a great opportunity to bring in new patrons. Why not show the games on a large projector screen for easy viewing? Along with having a high quality screen, you will also need to find the right projector to ensure clear imaging and picture quality. Assuming that you have soft lighting, here are a few tips to use when selecting your new projector.


sports bar


1.) As mentioned above, most sports bars have a darker atmosphere. Consequently, you don’t have to worry as much about lumens or brightness. This is where you may be able to save some money. However, the larger the screen the more lumens you will require.


2.) Be sure to opt for HD resolution. Along with being able to enjoy HD programming, these projectors typically provide better images. If your budget does not allow for the purchase of an HD projector, an XGA projector with a resolution of 1024 x 78 may suffice.


3.) In many states, smoking is still allowed in sports bars. If this is your case, you’ll want to purchase a projector with closed optics to protect your projector against damage due to smoke exposure.





4.) You may want to extend your projector from the ceiling for additional convenience. If the placement is far away from the screen, you will want to look for a projector with a longer throw distance. In order to keep a quality image, purchase a projector with zoom lensing and zoom shift so that you can adjust the picture size as well as placement on the screen.


Other features to look for include portability, HDMI input connectivity and LED technology.


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Top 5 Projectors for Watching Fall TV

It’s the Fall season, which means TV networks will be premiering your favorite shows and releasing a hot new lineup. Whether you prefer a drama or sitcom, it’s time to be entertained!


Get ready for your favorite shows with the right viewing setup. Using a projector instead of a television, will allow you to:


  • Watch your shows on a larger screen.


  • Save money in comparison to a 60 inch or more LCD TV.


  • More comfortable viewing with a theater like experience.




When selecting a projector, you’ll want to choose one that is specifically created for home theaters. Some features to look for when making your purchase include:


  • HD or 4K (ultra-high definition) capability.


  • HDMI ports or connections for enjoying a new series on Netflix and Hulu.


  • An LCD projector.


  • 1080p resolutions.


  • 2200 lumens. You may require more if your room has lots of windows and sunlight.


  • Lightweight for easy installation, mounting or portability.


  • Quiet operation.


  • Motion smoothing.


Our top choices for this Fall TV season include:


1.) The Optoma HD28DSE – offers a crystal clear picture. It is also lightweight and offers over 3,000 lumens making it ideal for rooms with lots of brightness.


2) JVC DLA-X700R – provides exceptional imaging. With this projector you can be assured of still pictures and not worry about jumping or movement.






3) Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5030UB – is an affordable option for watching TV. It is also a good choice for daytime viewing.


4) Sony VPL-HW40ES – provides a good picture for its low price. It is also easy to install and setup, making it a good choice for home theaters. Quiet and noise free, it will work in smaller spaces such as apartments.





5) BenQ HT2050 – is another economical but good option for home theater projectors.


Consider installing blackout curtains for better viewing in the daytime along with external speakers for quality sound.


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How to Replace a Bare Bulb into a Projector’s Housing Module

You’re planning to have friends over to watch your favorite football team in the game of the century and no picture is showing on the screen. What should you do? Although you may be worried about it being a major problem, most often it is a simple connection error. Otherwise, your projector’s lamp may need replacing.


Replacing your projector’s bulb may seem complex, but with a few simple steps, you can complete the task in no time. First, you will need to gain access to your bare bulb.  Most often housed in a structure that resembles a cage, this can be quite a challenge. Consequently, it may be easiest to just replace the entire unit.


Nonetheless, if you are up for the challenge, grab your screw driver and let’s get to work.


1.) Be careful to purchase a bulb that is compatible in lumen output, reflector size and voltage that fits your housing module. You can do a search on to find the correct lamp that matches your projector model.


2.) Once you have the right bulb, access the module by removing the side panel to get to your lamp module. This may also be located on the bottom of your projector.


3.) Next, use your screwdriver to loosen the screws so that you can remove the lamp module.




4.) Carefully lift and pull out your projector’s housing module.


5.) Take apart the housing unit to access the bulb. This should be easy and is often done by simply lifting a couple of latches. But before you take it apart, make note of how it was put together so that you can put it back together in the right order. This includes your filters and the foam that protects the bulb.





6) Next, remove your OLD projector lamp from its module. Make sure you note which wires screw into which terminal BEFORE you remove the wiring. The removal procedure involves unscrewing the wiring from the module using a philips head screwdriver. It may also involve unscrewing elements of the module itself, and removing a retaining clip to dislodge the OLD lamp from its module.


7) You can then install the NEW projector lamp by inserting the lamp into the OLD module and fastening all the screws, wiring and clips. The parts should be assembled in the exact way as they were fastened before you removed the old lamp.


8) Once you’ve replaced the bulb into the module, insert it back into your projector and close the panel.


Be sure to reset your lamp counter so that your projector’s timer knows the bulb has been replaced. Turn on your projector to test the new lamp so that you can once again enjoy watching sporting events, movies and more!


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