Shipping Timetable

Below are the shipping rates within the United States and to countries around the world from our Los Angeles location.

Location Pricing Ship Time
United States (FedEx Ground) Free 4-6 Business Days
United States (FedEx Two-Day) $29.99 2 Business Days
United States (Overnight) $39.99 1 Business Day
USA Overseas APO Shipping $14.99 5-10 Business Days
Canada (FedEx Ground) $15.99 see
Canada (FedEx Two-Day) $32.95 see
Canada (Overnight) $42.95 see
Hawaii and Alaska $42.95 2 Business Days
Hawaii (FedEx Two-Day) $39.99 2 Business Days
Hawaii (Overnight) $49.99 1 Business Day
Alaska (FedEx Ground) $34.99 4-6 Business Days
Alaska (FedEx Two-Day) $49.99 2 Business Days
Alaska (Overnight) $59.99 1 Business Day
Puerto Rico $54.99 2 Business Days
Western Europe, Greece, Cyprus see
Mexico $29.99 1 Business Day
Australia and New Zealand see
Central America $29.99 2-3 Business Days
Carribean $39.99 2-3 Business Days
South America $29.99 2-3 Business Days
Eastern Europe and Turkey see
Singapore see
United Arab Emirates see
Israel see
Middle East (exc. Turkey,UAE) see
South Africa see
Russian Federation see
Location Not Listed $95.95 5 Business Days