Information About Our Projector Lamps

Projector Lamps: Don't Be Fooled by Cheap Imitations!

At MyProjectorLamps, we sell only 100% authentic, brand new lamps that come directly from all major manufacturers at the lowest prices. Other companies may advertise incredibly low prices on projector lamps but they are typically made in China by an imitation manufacturer. Using cheap lamps in your projector is a waste of money, as the bulbs will just die out after 200-300 hours of use. Fake bulbs may actually harm your machine as well and could easily void your warranty.

When ordering your replacement bulbs, keep in mind that most of the major projector companies including Sony, Mitsubishi and Sanyo all outsource the manufacturing of their replacement parts to Philips, Ushio or Osram. Only replacement lamps that come from either the original manufacturer or one of those three companies can be considered authentic. Not sure if your bulb is an original? Be sure to look for the Original Bulb Product Symbol on our website or the manufacturers stamp before purchasing a replacement lamp to ensure you are getting the highest quality product.

Original lamp

Why Choose MyProjectorLamps for Your Replacements?

  • We only sell 100% BRAND NEW replacement lamps directly from the manufacturer.
  • Our high quality replacement lamps last much longer than the imitations and provide a brighter, cleaner light source.
  • We'll beat any competitors price on high quality replacement lamps and have the biggest selection of brands.

As the first major online retailer of replacement lamps, MyProjectorLamps first launched in 2005 and has grown to be a leading provider of high quality products. MyProjectorLamps now supplies lamps for over 8000 LCD and DLP projectors, offering the high quality customer service to each of our valued clients.

Don't be fooled by prices that seem too good to be true and avoid imitation projector lamps. Shop now for great deals on high quality, authentic replacements. Need help choosing the right projector lamp or have questions about installation? Contact us via email or at 1-888-785-2677 for assistance.