Epson EB-W28 Projector Lamp with Module

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Epson EB-W28 Projector Lamp with Module

Epson EB-W28 Projector Lamp with Module

Technical Information

Brand Epson
Projector Model EB-W28
Lamp Part Number ELPLP78
Type Projector Lamp with Module
Internal SKU # MPLL09005
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Original Lamp

The Epson EB-W28 projector lamp with module is a genuine original replacement part for specific projectors. It has a E-TORL OEM Genuine Original Lamp Inside*.

The lamp provides 200 watts of power and an average life of 5000 hours.

The Epson EB-W28 projector lamp with module is designed to replace bulbs in numerous Epson projectors. Click on the "Suitable Projector Models" tab below to see compatible projectors.

Included with every projector lamp we sell is our trusted 180-Day Guarantee. If you order a projector lamp from our company and you are not satisfied for any reason, you may send the projector lamp back for a full refund or an exchange.

The MyProjectorLamp price is only $134.99 for the projector lamp.

*"Genuine Original Lamp Inside" refers to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) bare projector bulbs - made by Philips, Osram and Ushio - these companies manufacture genuine original parts for all major projector brands. Genuine original bulbs are manufactured to the identical strict quality control requirements as are found in original modules.

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F.A.Q. #1

Q Does this module match my projector?

A See "Suitable Projectors" Below.

F.A.Q. #2

Q Is it as good as the bulb that came with my projector originally?

A It is exactly the same quality, it is not an imitation lamp.

F.A.Q. #3

Q If I buy this item and find out it is the wrong item or doesn't work for any reason, can I get an exchange or refund?

A You can return the lamp for ANY REASON within 180 days

Question Answered

Q IN WHICH MODELS WE CAN USE THIS BULB ELPLP78 Asked by nabyendu On June 2, 2018, 4:51 a.m.

A Lamp Part ELPLP78 fits in many Epson projectors. ELPLP78 fits in 55 different epson projector models. If you scroll above and click "Suitable Projector Models" it will list all 55 models the ELPLP78 fits into.
Answered by MyProjectorLamps On June 6, 2018, 4:46 p.m.

Question Answered

Q My projector is flickering and the colours changing a bit. Would that mean the lamp is going? Asked by Davina On Feb. 6, 2019, 4:11 a.m.

A The flickering may have something to do with the lamp, but colors changing would be related to other components of the projector; such as the color-wheel.
Answered by MyProjectorLamps On May 2, 2019, 9:33 a.m.

Question Answered

Q Would you pls help to check the availability & delivery schedule for Epson ELPLP78 Projector Lamp with Module? Asked by Eva On March 19, 2019, 1:43 a.m.

A The Epson ELPLP78 projector lamp with module is in stock. The delivery time for this unit is 3-5 days with FREE Standard delivery.
Answered by MyProjectorLamps On May 2, 2019, 11:19 a.m.

Question Answered

Q বাংলা টাকায় দাম কত? Asked by Iqbal On July 16, 2019, 12:12 a.m.

A 11405,04 বাংলাদেশি টাকায়
Answered by MyProjectorLamps On Aug. 22, 2019, 11:09 a.m.

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