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Eiki 610-346-9607 Projector Lamp with Module

Technical Information

Brand Eiki
Projector Model See "Lamp for these Projector Models"
Lamp Part Number 610-346-9607
Type Projector Lamp with Module
SKU # MPLL08660

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Eiki 610-346-9607 Projector Lamp with Module

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The 003-120507-01 projector lamp with module can be used in conjunction with a number of projector models for leading brands, including Christie, Sanyo and Eiki. The Sanyo part number, which is the same lamp is called a 610-346-9607 and The Eiki part number is a POA-LMP136.

The 003-12507-01 module is made of black plastic which is exposed to reveal the rear portion of the bulb. It has two exhaust ports and a three prong brown plug. 3 screws will hold this module in place when installing. It comes with a lamp timer chip located in the back of the module which automatically resets your lamp timer with no need for any button configuration reset. This lamp comes equipped with a 330W bulb.

Projectors associated with this model only require 1 single lamp replacement unit. Popular models of projector that accept this replacement lamp are the Christie LW555, Eiki LC-WUL100 and the Sanyo PLC-XM150

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