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How to prolong the life of your projector bulb

Want to get the full 2,000-3,000 hours out of your projector bulb? Of course you do and we’re here to help you do that. If you operate your projector using our basic guidelines, you’ll have the best chance.

Give Your New Bulb A Thorough Test Run

When you get a new projector lamp make sure to let it run for at least ten hours during the first week or so. If the lamp is defective, you should be able to tell by then. Even though we offer an industry leading 180 day guarantee, it is best to get an exchange or refund going so we can process it.

Changing Your Projector's Air Filter
Changing Your Projector’s Air Filter


Keep Your Air Filters and Cooling Vents Clean

If your projector has an air filter, make sure to clean them regularly. The dust filter should be cleaned every 3-4 months. Clogged filters or vents do not allow proper ventilation. This can cause the projector lamp to overheat or even fail. Do not smoke around your projector, it gums up the fans and causes more dust buildup.

Projector Mounted Without Adequate Ventilation
Projector Mounted Without Adequate Ventilation


Always Remember Proper Ventilation

Do not obstruct the intake or exhaust vents on your projector. If your vents do not have room for adequate ventilation you risk the chance of overheating your projector. Make sure your mounting fixture or enclosure allows proper ventilation, or just keep us on speed dial.

Choose A Proper Venue

If your basement is prone to moisture or your loft is always hot you might want to reconsider your setup. You should always avoid environments with extreme humidity, temperature, and dust. So out in the garage in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Doral, Florida or Pacifica, California is probably not the best place to mount your projector.

Let It Cool

When you turn off the projector there is a cool down process that keeps the fans on the bulb to let it cool down. Do not unplug your projector until this has finished. Hot lamps are very fragile, never move a projector until the lamp has completely cooled. Shock and vibration may damage sensitive lamp filaments.

Minimize I/O

Each time the projector is turned on, the rush of power causes stress on the lamp filaments. Each time it is turned off, the cooling process begins. I know I don’t have to tell you that a state of the art digital projector is not a toy, but this is more a reminder not to leave it out where children might be able to toggle the switches. In any case, we offer bulk discounts for schools, so there’s that.

Wearing Gloves when Handling Projector Lamps
Wearing Gloves when Handling Projector Lamps


Do not handle the lamp without gloves

It is important to know that projector lamps are similar to halogen lamps, but not identical. Halogen lamps strictly cannot be touched because the oil from your hands will create hotspots on the halogen lamp and cause it to fail. Projector lamp globes can be touched, but we recommend that you handle them as little as possible or not at all.

Use Economy Mode
Use Economy Mode


Use Economy Mode Whenever Possible

Most modern projectors have a normal and economy mode. Economy mode will usually make the projector lamp emit a slightly lower brightness level and can therefore extend the lamp life. Unsure if the projector has an economy mode? Please refer to the projector manual or contact the projector manufacturer.