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How to Install a Projector Lamp

Installing a projector lamp is very easy. Watch this video to learn how simple it truly can be to install your projector lamp without the help of a technician. Changing the projector lamp by yourself will save money, time, and extend the life of your projector.  For all your projector lamp needs, be sure to visit for the BEST prices found online.

My name is Manny and I am a technician at
Today I am going to show YOU How to Install and Change a Projector Lamp.
The only tool you will need is a Phillips Head Screw driver. You do not require any special gloves or electrical tools.
Are you ready? I am! Let’s get started!
Make sure the projector is powered down and unplugged from electricity. For safety, be sure to wait at least 20-30 minutes to give the projector time to cool down. Those buggers get hot – we don’t want anyone burning themselves. Do you know where the lamp is in your projector? It’s easy!  Simply look for the panel, often found on the bottom or top of the projector.
First you want to remove this screw. The lamp is going to be held in place with two anchoring screws.  You’re going to have to loosen those too, to remove the lamp.
The lamp might be snug as a bug in the projector. Good thing I brought some muscle with me to get the job done. Don’t be scared to use some bicep power to pull the lamp out.
Look inside the projector. There might be dust. If you see dust, you can do one of two things:

  1. Use compressed air 
  1. Use a cloth to remove the dust

(uses cloth to wipe face, and also inside the projector)
Inspect the new lamp and ensure there is no damage. Don’t be afraid to hold and touch the lamp on the housing or plastics parts. Do not touch the glass surface.
(camera zooms in on lamp only, showing Manny’s fingers on the outside of the module)
The new lamp will “plug in-to” the projector.  Line up the plugs and the grooves.
Push the lamp into the projector until you hear this noise. This noise. This noise.
Still got your screw driver handy? Use it to tighten the anchoring screws. Here’s a tip! Don’t tighten the screws too tightly as this could break or damage the housing.
Get the panel and screw the lid shut. You must do this before turning on the projector. Some projectors will not turn on until the panel of the projector is closed shut.
Have any of that compressed air left? Take one last chance to wipe away any dust collected on the surface of the projector.
(sprays the compressed air over the surface of the projector)
And Voila! You’re finished!!
For more tips, videos, and the best prices of projector lamps online, be sure to visit for all of your lamp needs.
Thank you for watching!

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