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Acer P5207B Review: Specifications, Pros and Cons

How does the Acer P5207b perform as a multimedia projector? On one hand, the two-year-old Acer provides satisfactory image quality in its native XGA resolution. Plus, the image is extremely bright, which makes this model perfect for large venues. The projector provides an estimated 4,000 ANSI lumens of brightness – powerful enough for spaces with modest levels of ambient light.

But the projector does have its shortcomings. For one, compared to similarly priced models from various manufacturers, the Acer P5207 is missing some features that have become fairly common in recent years, including WiFi connectivity. That might be problematic, especially for web-based business and classroom multimedia presentations.  Yet, overall, for the price, the Acer P5207b is a solid piece of hardware that delivers a crisp image and a number of functionalities. In other words, it competes well with similarly priced multimedia projectors. Here’s a look at some of the specs:

Acer P5207B Projector
Acer P5207B Projector

Pro: Image Quality and Performance

Rated at 4,000 ANSI lumens, the biggest advantage of the DLP 3D P5207b is its brightness. Other projectors in the price range generally hover around the 3,000-lumen mark. Plus, additional image specs, including its 10,000:1 contrast ratio and native XGA resolution, which deliver a data image that’s clear, even when projected on large screens. In terms of color performance, the Acer also delivers. Featuring Acer’s ColorBoost II+ technology, the colors are vibrant, and compare nicely to other DLP-based projectors.

Pro: Powerful Built-In Audio

The Acer P5207b is equipped with two built-in speakers, which gives the projector an advantage. Other similarly priced projectors have either or one or two, and some require external audio. They are dual 5-watt speakers, which is substantial enough for large venues, although for the largest rooms, the speakers may require amplification.

Pro: Optical and Digital Zoom

Another advantage: The Acer also has some advanced technologies that enable setup flexibility. For one, the Acer’s lens has a 1.6x optical zoom. This makes it easier to resize images to fit a screen. Plus, the projector has a superior 2x digital zoom, which enables users to zoom in on particular images.

ACER P5207B Projector - Rear Inputs
ACER P5207B Projector – Rear Inputs

Con: Average Lamp Life

On one hand, the Acer’s bulb is fairly bright, but it also has just an average lamp life. The bulb (Replacement Part No.: MC.JG211.001) is a 280-watt OSRAM bulb. There are three settings, the normal mode, eco mode and an advanced eco mode. Lamp life for the Acer ranges from 3,000 hours (about average) up to 7,000 in its advanced eco mode. In its eco mode, though, the Acer has a 4,000-hour lamp life, which is average compared to other projectors.

Con: Average Video Performance

For presentations with short video clips, the Acer is capable yet underwhelming. Video performance is average, at best, and leaves something to be desired. Plus, in its native resolution XGA, videos aren’t crisp and clear, and although it does support higher resolutions, often video image is lost.


The Verdict: Should You Buy the Acer P5207b?

Starting at roughly at about $738 US, the Acer P5207B is slightly higher in price than other two-year-old projectors with similar specs. But the projector leaves something to be desired. Although it produces fairly crisp and clear images, the limited number of ports, average video performance and limited lamp life are all factors that diminish its value. Simply put, you could find better projectors for the price, however, the Acer’s brightness might be the redeeming quality that makes you go out and buy one as it definitely fills the room.

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