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Troubleshooting Tips When Replacing You’re Lamp

Written by Correy Pelletier


Your bulb has blown or is dead, time to replace it, but how?


Remove the old bulb and dispose of it properly.


Make sure when putting in a new bulb, you insert it firmly, but gently. Put it in as deep as possible. Once it’s in, press gently on the side where the connector is located to ensure the connection is solid. If the lamp is not fully inserted, it will not turn on.


Inside the module slot, you must tighten every screw that holds the lamp in place.


Close the lamp access panel door and if there’s a screw to keep it closed, make sure it’s tightened slowly. The projector will not turn on if the lamp access panel door is open or broken. There is a little button to press when the door is shut, the button must be working properly for the projector to turn on.


If your projector has a removable filter, remove it, and tap out the dust or use light suction. Similar to a furnace heater, if it is clogged or filled with dust the projector will not turn on to prevent overheating. Once you are done cleaning the filter, place it back, and tighten the screw if there is one.


Reset the lamp timer, some projectors have a lamp timer on the menu screen, while other projectors have a button configuration that must be completed before you can power it on. You can go to our installation page here to see the most common brands’ reset instructions.


Some projectors have an eco-mode and a normal mode. Sometimes, depending on the condition of your projector, it might perform better in normal mode rather than in eco mode.


Some projectors have a high-altitude function, which must stay on in order for the projector to stay on.


Lastly, always replace your old lamp when you receive a new lamp. This is because your new lamp’s warranty starts right away, so use the warranty period effectively and test if the lamp is functioning well. Put it into your projector as soon as you receive it. Secondly, if the lamp was damaged upon transport or you received the wrong lamp or you ordered the wrong lamp to begin with, then it might not work when you open the box and try to install it, and testing it immediately is the best way to find out. You can also keep your old lamp even if it’s dim, it will make a good backup if the new lamp fails.