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stars 22. May

lamp bulb

Dee Acker

Fast delivery and customer service was awesome!!!!

stars 18. May



This was a perfect fit for my TV. I love it so much that I recommended it to my daughter who has the same 83' TV and she bought one for her TV. A great price and purchase.

stars 12. May

Good business

PV Informatique Inc.

We have been doing business with Myprojectorlamps since 2007.Always had best quality products and services. Fast delivery and exceptional customer service.

stars 12. May

Great Experiance


At first I was really really worried about getting my replacement lamp, but after talking to customer service everything was FABULOUS!!! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!

stars 11. May


R. Reid

Light fit and worked properly.Happy customer.Would buy again when needed.

stars 11. May

GReat service!


The website was very easy to use, the checkout process very simple and straightforward. Delivery was quick and the email for tracking the package was something most other vendors do not do.will definitely use this vendor again.

stars 5. May

Great Service, High Quality Product, Thank you - I'll have another!


A new house with a pretty cool theater came to a grinding halt when the bulb went out on the projector. A little web research led me to MyProjectorLamps who offered a competitive price, a deep well of knowledge and advice and lightning fast service. The result was a system that was back in business in a flash. It looked so much better than before plus we had a happy teenager. I'm a very satisfied customer, so much so, I ordered another bulb as a back up.

stars 5. May

Excellent Customer Service.


Excellent Customer Service.

stars 5. May

Best Buy On Projector Lamps

Robert K.

Best prices on projector lamps. I had a question on which bulb to order. My question was answered promptly as I spoke to a very courteous Customer Service Representative. When my lamp goes out, this will be my place to order. Thank You. Robert K.

stars 3. May

Delivered as promissed


Getting projector lamps has become very hit or miss.......This company delivers

stars 1. May

Great company


Great company and service. Dependable and communicable.

stars 25. Apr

Quick and accurate


I received exactly what I ordered and it was delivered in less than 2 weeks. I will be using them again!

stars 22. Apr

Went out of their way to help me!


My Projector Lamps went out of their way to help me look for a projector lamp that appears to be going obsolete! They spent an extra week trying to locate these particular lamps... I truly appreciated this extra effort!!!

stars 7. Apr

Great Service, Good Pricing


Quick answer's to my questions online, great pricing and a timely arrival of the products. Would recommend to anyone

stars 21. Mar

I found it a good company


Won't know till I go to use the bulb, but they were fast and efficient, and the price was fairly comparable.

stars 13. Mar

Good Cummunication and Service

Jeff Martin

The actual bulb was branded as Osram, so I'm happy with that, however the aftermarket plastic housing was made of a type of plastic that gave off a strong odour when it got hot. The odour was dissipating, but not fast enough so I used my original Panasonic lamp housing to correct this. The new lamp takes a about 20 seconds longer to reach it's full brightness then the original Panasonic lamp, but functions normally after that. So despite me having to change out the housing, (no big deal), I think this was the route to go, the original Panasonic lamp is around 500,00$ Canadian costing more then double then the Osram bulb. Of course this being a non Panasonic product you will not get a new filter for your projector, so this is something to keep in mind if you want a new filter. However with proper care the original filter can last indefinitely.

stars 11. Mar

Great service

Jason R

You get what you order, projector lamps! All items arrive in exactly the amount of time they tell us and their service is great. I ordered the wrong lamp once and they replaced it for me with no hassle. I use and will continue to use them for our purchases!

stars 11. Mar


Great service and product.

stars 9. Mar

Rating My Projector Lamps

Dennis Franz, TD,U of Alberta Students' Union

Had a seamless experience and am very pleased with the service received from the Calgary, Alberta contact I dealt with.

stars 5. Mar

Excellent customer service!

Linda, UBC MRI Research Centre, Vancouver BC

We have had difficulties with lamps blowing after only a short period of time and ordered more. The sales Manager was keen to ensure that this was not a defective bulb in which case it would be replaced free of charge. She tried to understand our problem in an effort to help. Problem was the projector and not the bulbs.Excellent service and highly recommended.

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